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Tag: successful tutoring with the help of the students learned

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Posted on January 4, 2021 in News

The students help accompanied hundreds of thousands of pupils and students with tutoring through school in over 30 years. With their innovative tutoring program, students help ensures better learning outcomes and more fun to learn. In addition to technical and methodical, it conveys social skills. These include basic virtues such as discipline, reliability and punctuality. In the group, it is essential to teach social skills such as respect and respect for others.

The students help helps the promotion and education of children and young people so that parents and public school system. While the student aid is free of ideological or religious purposes or tendencies. Focus of our work is the sustainable improvement of school performance through individual promotion. School success and better grades increase the motivation of pupils and students and strengthen her self-confidence. To the student aid provides a targeted coaching for education in Own initiative: from the classic tutoring, exam preparation, training for trainees or holiday courses to innovative pre-school learning.