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Freising Tel

Posted on January 16, 2021 in News

Here, professional advice will bring large benefits. So, you should write in the profile descriptions, not in the third person about himself. Particularly bizarre effect, “about me” is in the title and including the third person is applied. The reader will find disconcerting, it is him distant and unnatural. Gain insight and clarity with Vadim Wolfson, New York City. Who here repeated support, is well advised. A good social media strategy for small and medium-sized businesses can be set up and texts of the accounts to a specialist.

Contacts maintain the tweet, answering questions, and that can take over the entrepreneurs themselves. Who wants to outsource this task, which should be always in close contact with his service providers. Regularly tweets and posts content should be discussed. The company should inform its service providers quickly about news from the company. For critical questions or Comments by customers a quick and prudent response is required. Also these possible scenarios should be clearly agreed with the service provider. Company description of Word child : establishes your company Martens media services copywriter and founder coach Ursula Martens in January 2007 initially as a full service advertising agency.

In May 2008, the company calls itself to in Word child Wortkind. Since then created lyrics for radio spots and Flash movies, press releases, product descriptions, claims and slogans, the copywriter editorial and advertising texts such as letters and mailings, website texts, flyers texts, phone guides. Meanwhile, the text Agency recorded more than 300 satisfied clients from Germany, Austria, the Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands. Personal service and advertising copy with intellect and emotion are the hallmarks of Word child Wortkind. About Ursula Martens: Ursula Martens studied after a commercial training first at the Georg-August University in Gottingen and then at the Technical University of Berlin. Major, choosing among marketing at Prof. Dr. Volker Trommsdorff. The study completes it as a diploma in economics. Then sniffs Ursula Martens initially Berlin print shop air at Pressedruck Henke GmbH & co. KG. After the family break, she manages the advertising manager in a small dealership until she decides in 2007 for independence. Company contact: Word child Wortkind Ursula Martens Katharina-GAL-Strasse 16 85356 Freising Tel: 08161862767 E-Mail: Web: