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Posted on February 9, 2021 in News

Many times in life, is the holding of a special moment, to spend a pleasant moment in a nightclub or a night or for simple pleasure place is consumed liquor, which becomes the main component of many occasions since making many times more enjoyable moments and allows to some extent free from tensions and other problems even for a few moment send drinking beverages with alcohol content generates certain consequences in our post body that alcohol will be concentrating in the blood and so a true process of poisoning is given to lower levels of oxygen in the blood, which in constant circulation, hampering various activities of the body; testing of breath and thus determine the level of alcohol in the blood and the affectation which can have on the body’s functions and thus restrict the person to engage in certain activities is usually in such a way to avoid certain disastrous consequences because of alcohol in various societies. As you can see the breathalyzer tests are of great utility, because in many cases help avoid tragedies, but despite the great utility of this control mechanism, many people not know well its meaning and the factors that accompany it, therefore in the present article shall contain an indication of certain basic concepts that arise around the breathalyzer.

Speaking of breath is this referring to the levels of blood alcohol concentration, which is generated based on the consumption of alcohol, in such a way as to be consumed more and more alcohol, blood alcohol level increases and while suspending the consumption levels decrease. A point of great importance when talking about alcohol, is the type of alcoholic beverages that you are taking, because every manifestation of alcohol has specific levels of alcoholic content determined in volume, so the beers can contain levels ranging from 4% to 10%, wines vary from 10% to 18%, gentle spirits range from 20% to 25% and strong liquors can reach up to 45 %Therefore if the level of alcohol consumed a beer eaten It will be much smaller than the alcohol content that represents a whiskey, therefore before the breathalyzer each type of alcohol consumption represent different results in terms of its concentration in the blood. By eating some of the many ways that you have alcohol, this happens to the bloodstream, through a process of absorption that occurs mainly at the level of the small intestine, there that food consumption is related to the effects of alcohol and alcohol levels, therefore if someone consumes alcohol in fasting the absorption by the intestine will be greater and the BAC levels increase with greater ease. In what refers to the most useful methods to measure the blood alcohol level, the most effective is through a blood test since the greatest amount of alcohol is metabolized by the liver, however it is also useful for measurements of air, as certain amount of alcohol is eliminated from the body through the pulmonary alveoli..