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Unwanted Pregnancy

Posted on February 25, 2021 in News

Today I would like to write about a topic that is very fashionable; unwanted pregnancy. Why do you just a few decades this not happened? Today, many young people who are not prepared, they become pregnant and discarded the possibility of abortion, which would have no implications for you, only also clumps to a living being!!! To thy son!.! When you turn on the TV, TV Show for all ages takes the subject that the small daughter of X person has become pregnant. It is less than age, but gets a job and a CASAZA, and becomes a perfect single mother “.” To the youth; This is all rubbish, a great waste. We have no age to us pregnant. A baby has always been two to tango. Because you llenais the brains of those shits not all girls will lose if same with a pregnancy will have some to Pope girls who know how to get ahead very good life indeed. Do not believe what they say new technologies; that does not It’s a fantastic life, is not so easy as they paint it and you’re not prepared to take care of him.

You can just pay you your rent, as you will pay everything a child needs; a school, health, clothes, food. Do in that time? set! But when the error is already echo can not throw you back.Some of them show more maturity than the more most of the grandparents. From the moment who know they are pregnant they are made with a job, benefits from the State and anything that can provide a future baby. If someone is in this situation it is the best thing that could be done.Even if you have boyfriend, or you are married but not planeabais this baby now. You ought to do the impossible by that baby you llamareis son.

No I quedeis at home sitting, all women can be a few SUPERWOMANS, the supermums. If someone is lucky to read this without this problem, you ought to know that when he says with protection “, there is a reason to say so. One minute of pleasure, a whole life to pay for it. Good good luck to all.