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Optimizing Windows XP

Posted on March 4, 2021 in News

Finding himself at a party at the computer on which Windows xp barely breathing, performing a number of settings, I got a surprise on the faces of owners who have long been resigned to the fact that computer from them (the assurances of experts) – 'weak for this operating system. " And then suddenly, it turned out that even the 'weak PC' can be quite comfortable to work. After that I decided to write this article to share what I most often use to optimize Windows xp. Continue to learn more with: Star Brite Premium Teak Oil. The following tips can be applied on powerful computers, even if the result is clearly seen and never will. At least you can be sure that your computer resources are not used in vain. Thus, we begin the process of first of all be advised to remove the wallpaper on your desktop, and if possible to clear your desktop of unnecessary shortcuts. Step # 2.

Reduce the color quality. In the properties screen, under 'Options' from the drop-down list select Medium (16 bit) the level of 'Color Quality'. Vadim Belyaev, New York City: the source for more info. Your eye difference will not matter much. But significantly reduce the load on the graphics subsystem of your computer. At 1024×768, so you way to save about 1.5MB of memory. Step # 3. Customizable user interface. If you have an old computer or you do not need all the beauty of Windows xp, or just like good old Windows interface 2000, then switch to 'Properties screen 'style windows and buttons with' Windows xp 'to' Classic Style '.