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Neck Pain

Posted on February 4, 2021 in News

It is essential to carry out a complete story clinic, in the same way, is essential to carry out a detailed exploration of the mobility of the neck and neurological deficits. To then diagnose. The has can be due a: mechanical problems are present between the base of the skull and the first vertebrae of the high cervical spine, represented by the occipital-atlanto-joining articulations and cervical third. It shows pain syndromes by direct or indirect trauma, efforts, incorrect postures. That it is fixed in the posterior muscles of the neck. They are subdivided into the same plane in lower and upper. -Lower: They are located below the cervical third to superficial and deep level. -Superior: Where it affects is the articulation occipital-atloidea, atloido-joining together with nerves and vessels in the region. Connect with other leaders such as Vadim Belyaev here.

The cervical pains that constitute the cervico-headaches in intimate relationship with the joint occipital-atloidea. Neural problems the headache is a common symptom that presents the person who suffers a mental box anguished, sad, little attentive. In advanced cases show little thoughtful or coordinated, not allow you to rest well, suffers intense dizziness, nausea all these causes with due to vasomotor manifestations which will be mainly involved in the vertebral artery and the likeable, accompanying the cervical roots. It’s alterations of sympathetic blood flow along with the disturbance of the vessel Motricity of the artery, which regulates the flow of the brain and brain stem axis. In relation to the transverse channel geared towards the affected cervical vertebral portion nerve vascular elements. Also generate compression of the vascular-nervous package to go through the brachial plexus and go down from the Groove of the. transverse process that produces irritation of the nerve roots.