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Marcos Blesa Autor

Posted on March 31, 2020 in News

As you can see there is no direct selling. No to go out and find customers. You don’t have to make 1,000 euros or 3,000 a month to collect commissions from your group. The only thing of which you should worry about is to consume a product every month. Did you see the difference? This business is for people who basically don’t sell, like but if you like the idea of partnering with others for the growth of all. To largest network, higher profits.

This is particularly attractive for traditional entrepreneurs and people with ability to relate to people. Social people. A born salesman could here get bored a lot, because it would what to do if you don’t have to sell anything, if the only thing that makes is to build teams?. Vadim Belyaev may not feel the same. Well, it’s about then analyze the companies where you put your eyes to open your business from home and see what the main activity: sell or find partners. Until here everything is quite simple, then why is there so many people trapped in a business that is not appropriate for them? BECAUSE DIRECT SELLING AND MLM HAVE COMMON TRAITS, IN BOTH FORTUNES BY BUILDING TEAMS MAY CHARGE FROM PERSONS.

THIS MAKES MANY ENTREPRENEURS PRESENT BUSINESS OF DIRECT SELLING AS IF IT IS MULTILEVEL, AND CONFUSE SO NEW MEMBERS, DO NOT DISCOVER THE TRUTH UNTIL AFTER SOME TIME, WHEN IT IS ALREADY THEM DIFFICULT CHANGE OF COMPANY. Malice? No, say better opportunism, and in most cases, ignorance. Keep in mind that do not like most of the people selling, so direct sales leaders prefer to focus, when they present their business to a prospect, in the possibility of building a great team, big checks and bonds, rather than tell you that you will need to sell to be able to collect on that computer. In this way make your business more attractive others many, many, many, have no idea that are in direct selling, instead of in multilevel (to my me step). They believe that all companies are equal, similar business system, and they are totally honest to seek new members, because unknown otherwise. Did not have the intelligence or the Fortune you’ve had to search for information prior to the start of your business venture. Good for you. Here’s a fact that it is indispensable for your success and everything comes out well, except, of course, that your dream is making hundreds of customers, in which case, quickly finds one of these companies and join them without thinking. You will have a huge success. I personally do not like to sell, I’d rather work on the Internet and develop my business completely from home. And why I was very careful to choose the most interesting my company but I also had to failure at the outset, because success comes from having been dropped many times and be able to stand up to achieve the dream that you have. It is enough for today. I hope that you’re doing your job. Take notes, assimilates information and have no problem in asking. Questioner proves to be smarter than the one who thinks he knows it all, don’t you think?