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The Silence Of Truth

Posted on June 27, 2020 in News

It has a truth that wants to silence, of his throat left the unspeakable thing but their words were not melodies. It does not have joys, Remembers that it had once them. It has now them kept in a drawer Hoping the opportune moment to dust them. It has the kidnapped voice, his humanity it has been moored, it feels that its soul is dried and withered as wheat fields to the negligence. It does not have freedom, that one took off that attempted against him and its thoughts. Kitchens often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The worse thing of everything is than the twig thinks it is doing that it well and that is the worse damage of everything, the one that thinks that it does not have errors. It has an urgent necessity to be different itself.

It simply does not want to merge with his surroundings; every day their veins, their blood and its joints become threads in wheat through where they pass the insects. It is not scared, In spite of everything what they have done. The forces the extraction of the bottom of its being removes, Them from its desire to live and which nobody forgets the evil that has become. It has the closed eyes. They have humiliated until leaving it of knees but he will obtain bravery from his entrails stops to continue. It does not have shackles, But it is not necessary. The one that enslaves does although it is with the glance and the enslaved one does not need more than to feel dominated. It has the yellow entrails but it fights every day against its detector. Its fight is not to blows, its battle is pacific resistance because it knows and it has seen that it can live without barriers nor jaws. (The poetry is done on the basis of a photography that you will find in blog next) original Author and source of the article.

Make Wine

Posted on June 26, 2020 in News

To make the wine is not necessary a whole industry team, nor much less need to have a full Winery with all the instruments that belong to these sites. To make wine have all these instruments it is quite useful and it facilitates the task and, depending on the processes, can guarantee to achieve a very good wine, however, people can also wine normally, without the need of having many complicated things to do so. Make wine just need to grapes (the quality of a wine almost depends that in its entirety of the grapes used to make it, therefore it is advisable that the grapes are good, are appropriate for wine and fresh), have a container so as to leave it until it ferment (properly covered) in a suitable container to be able to crush the grapes properly,, and a way to be able to compress it, which can be even with wipes thoroughly clean house. Remember that you origin as do the wine was always a traditional origin and that in other times there were no instruments and elaborate vineyards that We can see in the present day, and in these times were obtained the better quality wines. To see the process of how to make the wine is better to go to a detailed and authoritative guide where you can find the information needed in the way more serious. However, we can tell you in this article to large onlooker as it is the way of making homemade wine. To make the homemade wine in the first place should have the tools mentioned above, as well as a good dose of patience to wait that the wine ready during the fermentation process. Well, the first thing that must be carried out to make wine at home is to get good grapes, appropriate for the occasion.

It is advisable get grapes with which makes red wine, since the process of making white wine is much more complicated than the process for making red wine. The most desirable grapes are fresh grapes, finished out of the cultivation of grapes. These grapes must be of the best quality. Remember to make the wine, a good wine, the most relevant are the grapes that are they choose to do so. If the grapes are not very good quality, if you have stains or they don’t know very well, the wine is not so good, contrary if good grapes are at least already chosen has been one of the requirements for achieving a good red wine. Once you’ve chosen the grapes to make wine needed the seeds the amplug them and then drop them into a suitable container. This is done well by cleaning the feet and starting the process by stepping on them until they are well.

This is an interesting process of making the wine is widely used even in large vineyards. Once the grapes are crushed well there to put them in a container covered tightly with a cloth. Well covered once, to make the wine you’ll need to let fermenting about 4 days. These days after you take the product and presses with a few rags thoroughly cleaned, removing the liquid hence. This product is wine. Remember that if you want to make wine you must find more specific information, as this article only you said roughly as it does.


Integral Attendance

Posted on June 23, 2020 in News

Its performance in the area of the Health was sufficiently satisfactory, therefore the registered in cadastre families had shown to development and cooperation with the professionals of the area participating of all the events. It’s believed that cabinets sees a great future in this idea. In the education its objectives how much to the maintenance and the assiduity of the children in the school and some specific ones had been reached keeping a superior income to the previous one of the program. In the Social Action it was the field of performance where the program showed resulted evidentes, therefore showed the integration of the participant society of the program with the other classrooms, the development of the human being how much person, as well as the factor consumption that after improved in significant way the implantation it program. Historical standards: Comparing the Program Stock market Family of the period of implementation until the current days one perceives that the program comes each time benefiting the population that really needs the aid of the program. Unhappyly I did not have the chance of information that could clarify this standard. Normative standards: Comparing the Program Stock market Family with Service of Protection and Integral Attendance with the Family? PAIF consists of the social work with families, of continued character, with the purpose to fortify the protetiva function of the families, to previnir the rupture of its bonds, to promote its access and fruition of rights and to contribute in the improvement of its quality of life.

It foresees the development of potentialities and acquisitions of the families and the reinforcement of familiar and communitarian bonds, by means of action of preventive character, protetivo and proactive. The PAIF is based on the respect to the heterogeneidade of the familiar arrangements, to the values, beliefs and identities of the families. It is based on the reinforcement of the culture of the dialogue, on the combat to all the forms of violence, preconception, discrimination and estigmatizao in the familiar relations.



Italian Wines

Posted on June 21, 2020 in News

In the past 10 years, the classification of Italian wines, has developed a pyramidal configuration, which is characterized by three factors of great significance: 1. Home improvement is often quoted as being for or against this. origin 2. quality defending; natural what is perceived in the ecosystem viticultural and acquired, whereas human and technological factor 3. purity and genuineness: determined by chemical controls the first classification is the D.O.C.G. represents the geographical name of the production area with a strict limitation on performance and areas delimited hectares. This classification is given to those wines with an excellent reputation that have kept the doc classification for more than 5 years. Swarmed by offers, kitchens is currently assessing future choices. The second classification D.O.C. represents a geographical name of an area delimited with strict yields per hectare production, I.G.T.

classification refers to the name of the geographic area, which corresponds to an area of also dimensions such as region or province. The fourth name corresponds to the V.d.T. that refers to wines with a specific source.Their tiered variety of grape, year, and name of the area of production, may be omitted. This is how through these four classifications, you can get a general idea of the quality and origin of the beverage you are about to acquire. A. Verastegui original author and source of the article


Arab Wines

Posted on June 21, 2020 in News

During the festividades a plate competition happens the base of coffee and chicken. The prescriptions are analyzed by great degustadores that analyze each food and choose what they consider better. One of the great avirias companies is the Healthy one, established in 1944 in the catarinense west. At the time of the inauguration the annual total of abates of birds was around 90.000. Today we have a total of more than a million of abated birds in a well lesser time. This company as others had contributed for the generation of jobs when implanted in the Paran. In a great mounted structure they had been able to open the importation of genetic materials, first, incubadoras farms, laboratories, had chance for professionals as zootecnistas, biochemists, and others with qualification adequate and brought up to date professional.

In the year of 1975 the company starts to export the chicken to the Middle East. The initiative was a success. In little time the Healthy group already was the exporting greater of national chicken, therefore the chicken was not appreciated in the Arab culture. The chicken has this enormous acceptance thanks to the innumerable ways to prepare it since the most elaborated prescriptions simplest to. The chicken falls in all the meals well, prepared to the gravy in a simple fried sauce, to the oven and even though as sufl.

(Macedo, Maria: 1998). 6. The COMBINATION BETWEEN WINES AND CHICKEN the white wines for being leavend without the rind of the grape present a yellowish color, with esverdeados and golden tones. They are elaborated with grapes not excessively mature, aiming at to assure a good load of acidity, resulting in gustativo coolness. It can follow the chicken in great style, therefore the white wine presents characteristics specifies to be served with all the types of white meat. The white wines can be divided in white wines candies and dry white wines.


A Good Wine

Posted on June 20, 2020 in News

They prepared a meal with the dishes that the Abbot had rushed to send them warned of the arrival of such Noble master but understanding should not bother what he imagined that it was happening. Noble Ting Chang asked for permission to the master opened one of the bottles of wine which had brought and who sported an illustrated label. Sergei, said, do you think if instead of uncorking, us contentasemos with read that label that tells us the excellence of this wine? Master, or crazy! We better saboreemos this rich wine. (As opposed to cabinets). Who can be content with reading the Menu of a restaurant to feel satisfied, as you told me one day? Because that, Hare Mongol, as that. It is not climb the mountain nor descend from it, enter into the sea or return to the shore but know to act according to the nature of things. It is what I say, master.

Already, but would give an arm to be sleepwalker. Others laughed while Sergei insisted. Though only for watching, Nobles Lords. It seemed to me that the Tenno master had not come here by chance or to learn how to place overshoes and umbrella. He is not that he learns, but that you wake up, they said between laughs that confused the Raptor. That wish I, teacher, but it seems to me that tea that I offer at night is something baptized; otherwise, do not let me explain how I fall eyelids despite my efforts. Listen, Hare of the steppes, what happened to the Buddha at the end of his days.

It has to do with labels. There, the night light. Already the Buddha prepared for its final trip and wanted to pass on the mantle, Bowl and cane who would succeed him as head of the Sangha, or community. Then, a flower showed his disciples and remained silent. After a while, understanding the more savvy that it was a test, were made by, one after another, the most various philosophical interpretations, others created poems, one devised a parable. But the blessed Theratava, Sakyamuni Buddha, Siddhartha in its fullness, realized that they did not do more than produce labels and lost the essence. Until his beloved Mahakashyap, looked at the flower and smiled without saying anything. He had just seen it. The moral teacher, is that it is preferable to get drunk, he fumbled Sergei while you poured in fragrant wine. Nor is this, Sergei, nor is it! But it is better than staying deciphering labels.



English Style

Posted on June 19, 2020 in News

The traditional view of English style in Russian minds seems the apotheosis of respectability, restraint and respectability: the massive dining tables, solid sofas, antique fireplace, a noble brown. In short, the same interior, which we all well know by the popular Soviet film adaptation of the detective novel "The Hound of the Baskervilles." No frivolity and levity in the English interior, we had no idea. Connect with other leaders such as home improvement here. Between to our understanding of it, in most cases far from the original. That the British are able to transform their homes not only in the kind of aristocratic castles, but also a cheerful, light-filled rural home – with painted furniture and wallpaper in a large bright flower. However, despite the kind of reading, get rid of the persistent love of the English way of life we can not. Russian soul so much all that is associated with tradition, stability, confidence in the future that the conservatism of English furniture is the best suited not only to our homes, but also to our nature.

We appreciate the image of the family, warm home, distinguishing the old English interior in the heart of them – a large table lamp with round shade, an ancient chest. Especially that big brand furniture uk, redeeming his own name (and justifying the very nenizkie prices), very carefully relate to the quality of their products. Not for nothing is the British sofas with a rather ordinary, almost unchanged from one year to design remain immutable symbol of comfort and coziness.



Private Providence X Direct Treasure

Posted on June 18, 2020 in News

Private providence x Direct Treasure Is of utmost importance that all plan its retirements in advance. Some will only have the public welfare and others will have conditions to make a complementary, private providence. This article aims at to bring our vision on the advantages and cons of if making a private providence or keeping the resources in the direct treasure a complementary retirement. Private providence Exists of the types of private providence: PGBL and VGBL. PGBL means Plan Generating of Free Benefit and VGBL wants to say Generating Life of Free Benefit. They are plain previdencirios that allow that you accumulate resources for a contracted stated period.

During this period, the deposited money goes being invested and rentabilizado for the insuring one chosen for you. They are the two phases? Period of investment: In this period they are made it arrives in port initial and the monthly load. Period of Benefit: In this period the user usufrue of the plan, receiving the value waked up for the waked up period. Tax of Shipment and Administration the shipment tax is defined in percentile terms and happens on all the contributions that you to effect to a providence plan. While the administration tax has as objective to compensate the manager for its work being managed the resources of the deep one, the shipment tax searchs to compensate the financial institution for its expenditures with brokerage and sales of the plan. Difference between PGBL and VGBL the main difference between them is in the taxation. In the PGBL, you it can deduce the value of the contributions of its taxable income of the Income tax, with limit of 12% of its annual gross income. Thus, it will be able to reduce the value of the tax to pay or to increase its restitution TO GO. Indicated for who it makes complete declaration TO GO.




Posted on June 17, 2020 in News

I prefer the first to the second, although if decanting becomes bound by the presence of precipitates, I can tolerate it. We will always have the option of serving with care from the bottle. In my opinion, decant is meaningless in the current market, where young wines, crianzas, wines of author (or garage or high expression) copan greater consumption. And where the reserves and large reserves seem destined for an audience more limited. In the latter could advise a decanting prior to tasting or tasting, but due to filtering techniques and other progress of current winemaking, sediments or precipitates that before funds from the bottles they frequented, and so many problems caused in the lingering of the wine, now they conspicuous by their absence. Cabinets brings even more insight to the discussion. There are points for and against decanting, and, also, opinions found in this regard. I consider it necessary to listen and try, all options, because absolute truth does not exist here, either.

Those who prefer aerate or oxygenate the wine, citing possible aromas from reduction, They must take into account that there are marks where an excess of air will allow losing typical nuances of this Winery. On the contrary there are wines where oxygenation is necessary in order to enjoy aromas more pleasant. Where I disagree is in aesthetic decantation, addressed exclusively to look these decanters so beautiful that we all have at home. Let only when the wine in question, structured, with color, powerful, is very shy. Very closed, which costs it occur, and takes his time to make themselves known. Even so, if I have time, I’d rather uncork in advance, will not be with the movement, the wine losing its essence and part of your cover letter.

Finally if you are to decant a wine, I like to be as is into yesteryear, in old draught of a wine cellar, a media luz, in calm manner and slowly, liking, with the candle under the neck of the bottle and taking care each drop that goes into the decanter. Anything from eddies or sudden movements. Separating the precipitate with grace and not letting that you damage us tasting. Seeing it this way, the wine may know better.



Swine Flu

Posted on June 16, 2020 in News

Pig influenza: It will become ill to Colombia? 28 April 2009 the Colombian economic policy continues watching towards the long term. Nevertheless, it cannot neglect the problems that appear to him immediately and that have affected their capacity of growth. What have to do the pig influenza and the kidnappings with the Colombian economy? Perhaps much more than one it can imagine. Both noneconomic factors affect the same, first of negative way and second, dice their evolution, of positive way. Here, home improvement expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The pig influenza expands quickly at world-wide level. At the moment, from Argentina we were like spectators of this situation. Anyway, with the flagellum of dengue in Argentina we have preoccupation for short while.

The pig influenza is so but so hard that it has not only affected until the moment great amount of people (already causing more than 150 deaths in Mexico), but also has struck to the markets. Also to the currencies since it has been the case of the Colombian peso that it abri his day yesterday being debilitated in front of the dollar by this circumstance, since this disease increased the aversion to the risk of the markets before the new context of uncertainty that has been generated. The influence that can have the pig influenza on several sectors of the economies is not a smaller subject. In Mexico it will represent a hard blow than in a while more inopportune for the economy. In Colombia, so far it represents a threat, but a serious threat. Several sectors of the Colombian economy already feel preoccupation reason why it can happen, among them, the tourist sector that came growing to good rate. While it read different newspapers in Internet to write this article on the Colombian economy, I ran into with the news published in site of the newspaper Universal that gave account of the reduction in a 75% of the kidnappings in Colombia in which it goes of the year.