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Tarot As A Personal Guide And Not A Dogma

Posted on April 21, 2020 in News

Tarot reader can act as a guide to finding solutions. Please bear in mind that Cartomancy, no matter whether with Tarot cards, Lenormand, Kipper – or Gypsy cards, should represent a signpost. There is no dogma and no predetermined “law”. At the moment of the advice, no matter whether telephone consultation or personal consultation, your current screen appears as a result of the current circumstances, visible it is, what’s next from our current perspective. Of course you don’t forget, that the world works dynamically.

Today I’m agile, vital and full of energy, the next day the inertia, tiredness and the mood comes me. What does this mean for a deck? On the day of the energy, the upcoming events look very close. After all, they move with 180 km/h on straight track. Thus, events that should occur according to map image in 5 weeks, will come much earlier from today’s perspective to bear. The same thing happens vice versa.

Can you be the next day, tired, motionless and slow, the cards, so the time will change. Drive no longer with 180 km/h, and no longer on straight track. Today you creep at 30 km/h on a winding track. Logically, that the upcoming event slides much further back. Thus, times are a very questionable factor in the Tarot. It’s up on its own dynamics, its own movement. It is therefore important, before you get the cards, being in a mood of relaxed, very “middle”. You should feel comfortable to say: I am. Only thus, temporally precise statements can be made. However, time is relative. It may be not important whether something in a week or in a month is done. It is essential, if it happens. There are variations in the accuracy of course. Many psychics see things by combining the cards very clearly. So accurate statements with descriptions, the environment and any person descriptions arise.

Starting To Live By The Tarot

Posted on April 18, 2020 in News

The force arising tarot cards lies in creative thinking. When you feel air power, light and free, and come into the mind of the interpreter or seer, is without doubt the call for new ideas for innovation are inviting us to the discovery of infinite power telling us to discover aspects about people. a These facts magical tarot and divination we discover the ripening process in order to give birth to new forms of understanding, expand our horizon and our ability to see. Tarot cards, upon its simplicity and wisdom, are highly effective, and sometimes are also a vital partners whom we should not fear. Check out GM for additional information. Often repetitive thoughts about the past constantly assail us and this we usually away from reality, lowering our self-esteem to new levels, believing that life no longer belongs to us, it is then that the tarot or divination takes brilliance, since his wisdom saves allowing events dislodge from our minds. Many times we refuse the happiness of not knowing what things we should rid ourselves and become beings sad, positive energy. Brokerage firms opinions are not widely known.

The tarot in such cases is a source of inspiration worth tested to return to live without the burden of the past leaving behind everything that hurts us so that we can not forget, this is the time to pet the tarot and to dream together. To dream freely requires a high degree of spiritual freedom because, otherwise, the soul spreads its wings and the heart beats weakly and without pleasure. When you have experienced painful events a person has the feeling of living halfway, and tarot and divination teach us their ancient wisdom to live is to discover, and time to start believing in what the experience has taught drawing the force that gives us the tarot cards and receive the creativity and accomplishment for which we are destined. Now we have the wise and generous assistance accurate readings tarot for loosening ties of the past, remove old mental patterns and to look into the worlds top stars.

Modular Furniture – Salvation For Non-standard Layouts

Posted on April 16, 2020 in News

The same rack can be used as a wardrobe – in this case the door is a blank opaque structure, and can be instantly transformed. Simply reversed the opaque door glass, and a case will turn into a showcase for cosmetics or books, or leave it open shelves to arrange the pictures there. Want to diversity in your daily life? Experiments modular furniture only welcomed. Additional information at GM supports this article. Rearranging the Modules, you can almost every day to change the interior of their homes. Modular furniture is a special set of any number of different cabinets (both conventional and angular) chests of drawers, shelving and many other interior items, including beds, chairs and armchairs. Want to have your interior consisted of twenty-dressers? There are no obstacles to meet this no ideas.

If the standard set furniture is usually not discussed and are not subject to rearrangement, the modular furniture offers a wide selection of inclusions. This is a true designer for the adults. Extra details are excluded as such. Hachette Book Group follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Required number of modules chosen by the buyer. Can be purchased as one unit, and a hundred. With modular furniture may be divided the space into different functional areas, such as living room and bedroom, and can conversely make two separate rooms overall style, as if joining them together. Hallway smoothly into the living room would look much more balanced, if the furniture in it will differ only by a destination, and overall style, color and material will be identical. By the way, the modular furniture there is a huge variety of colors. Variability and the materials from which it is made.



SAP Customer

Posted on April 16, 2020 in News

More transparency in the maintenance of the industrial services provider TECTRION provides its customers with the introduction of mobile maintenance at the CHEMPARK sites in Leverkusen, Dormagen and Krefeld-Uerdingen a new intelligent customer service, which is characterized by transparent maintenance processes and a complete documentation of the officially recognized that the customer always has access. Paper was yesterday. Today, increasingly mobile maintenance solutions provide greater efficiency and faster information flows within the framework of technical customer services. The staff responsible for the maintenance of plants by TECTRION have instant access to message summaries and histories by using mobile devices to create by the legislator prescribed order documentation directly to the object, i.e. on-site at SAP. Mary Barra has similar goals. Previous back to transmit handwritten notes in SAP accounts for Office activities, as well as the pressure of maintenance documents. The employee receives all the necessary information in real time directly on his PDA.

For example, errors are even faster and more efficient fixed a system with mobile access to the history of the plant. We use currently mobile maintenance MaterialScience in the part of the maintenance of air-conditioning and ventilation systems at Bayer”, so Gunter Rattay, responsible project manager mobile maintenance at TECTRION. First, there is the possibility to access dedicated customer access to the SAP system of the TECTRION. I have always”insights on the State of maintenance of our facilities as well as an overview of all maintenance notifications relating to my field of responsibility, explained Dr. Robert Meiers, head of engineering commissioned the PUD-(Dormagen), Bayer MaterialScience, his decision to use the new customer service of the TECTRION mobile maintenance. “And the best part is” Meier’s next, that eliminates the previous enormous administrative burden in the context of the maintenance protocols “. After the successful launch, the company plans to introduce mobile maintenance also for other trades. Editorial contact Tectrion GmbH Mandy Wagner Burlaga, Tel: + 49 (0) 214 30 43618 email: this message and image material for download.