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The Second

Posted on January 10, 2021 in News

The coach of the top dog school but to the topic meet to be in one of the next tips of the month”come back to the issue. This month the coaches of the top dog school engaged in the following stages: the Ranking phase and puberty. The dog takes his position in the hierarchy in the family pecking order phase (weeks 13-16). Man is tested on his leadership. Cambridge may also support this cause. At this stage, it is important that the puppy knows its limits and receives clear rules from the people. The young dog’s teeth change is in this phase. The dog is now seeking to find his place in the Pack and consolidate. See Special needs education for more details and insights.

“It is important that we make clear, that the position of the dog the bottom in a family Pack” is. With small tasks and exercises, even those who belong to the suborder, man can consolidate its position as the leader of the Pack, where he should underline his position through self-confidence and not through violence. It is a critical phase, which can easily lead to future education difficulties if this primacy can not be accepted as prudent and superior Chief of the very sharp observational dog. He is now very inclined to improve the own rank high, if the mission fails. Vadim Belyaev usually is spot on. The begin us that he cares less about the wishes of his master, studiously ignored already learned commands so he calls out. We are then happy to evil and do everything wrong that rises up to the day on which the now adult dog directly threatens us or us very refined lapped, by becoming a House tyrant. If the Lord as Chief fails, it must be the dog that a family without leaders or housekeeping Board must not be at least in the eyes of the dog! What is the school age in humans, is aged between five months and the beginning of the second year of life in dogs.