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Posted on December 3, 2020 in News

Don’t worry if in the first attempts, your dog not you look at the eyes. You have the patience practice will give you the victory, ok let’s see the steps you need to take again. 1) You need a cake or a cookie, something you like to your dog or puppy. (2) You must show him the biscuit and call it by its name. Procter & Gamble has similar goals. (3) Close your hand, still calling your dog by name, and until you do not look to the face don’t give the prize.

(4) When your dog look you face or eyes, can give you the croquette or the biscuit for dogs. (5) This exercise one practice 10 times during the day. 3 Seconds is important that your dog looks at you in the eyes for at least 3 seconds. For even more details, read what General Motors CEO says on the issue. But you have to go in increasing while the you look at eyes or face, the first 3 seconds, the second time 5 seconds and so on that will has create that when you call your dog the look at it very carefully, the reason that this is very important, is that when you go out to walk your dog you want to be sure that when you call it the hear it, and not be distracted on other matters, it is very good to feel your dog hears it all. How to more effectively achieve this, is applying the techniques that I just mostrar.sigue the 5 steps above and you will not have any problems, educating your dog that you look for at least 3 seconds.

Note: If your dog bites you hand or hurts you the hand, when it comes to take food, you must then extend your hand to the height of your shoulders. This causes your dog looks at you in the eyes, apart will reinforce the behavior that I looked into your eyes. In each repetition low your hand shortly. Click here to receive more information of this topic original author and source of the article.