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Talking About Feminism

Posted on March 27, 2020 in News

They lived for what was happening inside the house and the outside world was a world for them. Feminism is not a new phenomenon because there since ancient times, ie since the time remote women were assigned roles represented the prevailing belief according to which women must live for man and man. Proof of this is Rousseau’s phrase: “all education of women must be referred to men. Pleasant be useful, be loved and honored by them, small and care when they are older, advising, consoling, make nice and sweet life: these are the duties of women of all time and what must be taught from childhood. Hachette Book Group gathered all the information. ” The word “feminism” came into use in the nineteenth century in France, as a synonym for the emancipation of women. The suffrage movement and the ideals of socialism were decisive for Feminism, and so are names such as Concepcion Arenal, Rosa Luxemburg, Alexandra Kollontai, etc.

These streams of the right to vote for women, the right to higher education and right to pursue the same professions as men. In the First World War, the presence of women in the public sector was critical to this movement by exerting tasks previously only performed by men, to perform such tasks, to develop well, showed no need to cry, women were prepared to participate in the workforce gaining greater social weight, and from that moment the door opened to the private world of participation in the public world. After two world wars there was a break in the struggle of the feminist movement, hitherto very strong, because getting the vote in some countries and see their participation in society, considered the original objectives achieved.