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AIDA – The Club

Posted on November 22, 2020 in News

AIDAluna: Successful cruise season in Warnemunde is AIDAluna by the base port of Rostock-Warnemunde is adopted to end on September 1 and thus completes a successful summer season in the Baltic Sea. From May to September, the cruise ship Center guest was a total of 15 times on the Warnemunde Cruise. 40,000 AIDA guests travelled from here on different routes the pearls of the Baltic Sea. On the tours to Baltic cities such as St. Petersburg, Helsinki and Stockholm the ship has travelled approximately 22,300 nautical miles to the end of the season. On Tuesday evening, AIDAluna starts against 20: 00 for a short tour of Copenhagen and Oslo to Hamburg.

From the Elbe metropolis continue in 14 days in the South to Santa Cruz on Tenerife. The port city is the starting point for the upcoming tours along the Canary Islands. From September 19, 2009 to April 3rd 2010 AIDAluna traveled to the islands of La Palma, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria and the flower island of Madeira on 7-day cruises. During the Baltic season 2009 was the marine equipment of AIDAluna organised via Warnemunde. The cruise ship with food and consumer goods was supplied with a total of 102 truckloads. On May 5, 2010, the newest ship of the AIDA then starts fleet, AIDAblu, premiered in the Baltic Sea: from Warnemunde travelled AIDAblu on 10-day trips to the cities of Tallinn, St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Gdansk and Copenhagen. Two short trips supplement the Baltic Sea programme. Please visit Yael Aflalo if you seek more information. AIDAblu is currently built at Meyer Werft in papenburg, Germany, and by designer Jette on February 9th, 2010 in Hamburg named Joop. The AIDAblu travel can in the travel office, on the Internet at or from the AIDA Service Center at + 49 (0) 381/20 27 07 07 are posted.

Wine Fortress

Posted on June 11, 2020 in News

Sudak, Novy Svet Sudak resort area formed relatively recently, so here expanse for automobile tourism, and tourist-peshehodniku good (and also 'horseman' and fans of all other active modes of movement). A special 'Cimmerian landscape', the abundance of nature and history, excellent flavored fruit fairly and wines. Audience. Since the end of the XIX century Zander was chosen educated middle-class people and students major cities of the empire. The prices here have always been and will be available to Yalta. Closets has plenty of information regarding this issue. And of course, a huge number of interesting people from different countries come here to archaeological excavations, geological and other expeditions, as well as draw, write poetry, make films. It is this laid the foundations of the Russian public naturism, nudist beaches so exploited for generations.

The most-most. Of course, this Genoese fortress – a big, extremely romantic and in good condition. In the Consular castle at the top of the fortress you can see a small exhibit, but generally better to listen to the guide, because modern Sudak absolutely nothing reminds one of the main medieval centers of world trade. But it really was the golden mean of the Silk Road, the largest colony of northern Italian merchant republics of Genoa. Natives of Italy Sudak owned about two hundred years, from the XIII century, before there were dozens of people. The Genoese Crimean fame mark on the world: synaptic apples, pears armud, prunes, raisins, Eric, grape Asma, and most importantly – wine, which is to still make a fertile valleys around Pike – Ekim Kara ('Black Doctor') and Sarah Pandas (now the Wine 'Sun Valley'). In 1475 the castle was stormed landing, landed with the Turkish fleet. Holes of powerful guns still gape in the walls of the fortress. In fact, its top is the famous Maiden's Tower, where a certain princess threw herself into the abyss, not wanting to either capture, or whether the groom wrong.


Great Travel

Posted on May 19, 2020 in News

Travel is interesting. Constantly interested to learn other cultures, learn new things. After all, every country gives fresh impression of the world and what food is eaten in other countries. It’s extremely fascinating – the views, all that day at all familiar or completely unfamiliar. Depending on the season and other factors are different prices for tickets that are growing, the pony. This is not surprising and understandable to those who fly a lot.

In addition there is also recreation travel, when you’re on the road than anywhere else. In such cases it is more pleasant when you can buy tickets online. To date, there are airlines that buy tickets profitable. Shares special programs in certain cities. Also nice is that there are special resources on the Internet, on how you can trust 100%. For example, the decline in prices for May in New York- great, why not visit this city and color to delight the inhabitants of the big city? This gift makes the travelers company Swiss.

In addition, it concerns not only in New York, however, and the other American cities. Special Offers act with and for a certain period, but this does not prevent customers from buying tickets at the best prices. Were also found to reduce the price of spring in Switzerland. Plenty of discounts in the spring in Europe. Well, it really does not well? Cheap flights still have the option to buy on other sites that suit different marathons for sale. For example, the sale of space Avianova and did not end. Throughout the day marked the beginning of space. This promotion for flights to Russia, a variety of prices starting from 150 rubles if the departure from St. Petersburg. Promotions – a great opportunity to save money on flights in both directions. The more there is funds for other needs in the country where you eat. Flights cheap pleased that someone is thinking today about consumers. Those companies that are engaged in such activities only to win, because a lot of buyers turn on only for the services to them. Ticket prices are, of course, depend on the first season, but even aside from that you can find companies in which shares are held. In order to be happy is not necessarily buy tickets more cheaply. But if think that for these tickets … This is the spirit of the times, shifting sands, oceans. That is why it is so valuable shares in the airlines. Fly with ease!



Executive Hotel

Posted on February 17, 2019 in News

People of the place, say that those wishing to visit Mendoza, should do it in winter, but also in summer. By the magic of their colours, climate and changing aromas, which modify the landscape according to the season in which they go. If you’ve decided to travel, but still don’t know how to get started with planning, what clothes you should carry, how to know the rates of Mendoza and when transferring to the province’s vineyards, continue reading guide it is and starts to enjoy Mendoza. Determine time and date determine in advance the date of a trip, will help set it higher before and that no detail will not leak. More, according to preferences in regard to recreational activities and excursions to perform, must travel at different times. An example, if what you like is skiing, you will have to find out which dates there is more snow at the ski resorts. Ask about the climate is important to find out about the climate to know the quantity and thickness of clothing that must be in general.

It will also be appropriate, to be consulted the prognosis a few days before you travel, to avoid probable weather. Choose the means of transport is not equal to travel by plane, bus, or car. Define this will be essential, since it is longer for air and land transport public accustomed to submit tenders according to the seasons of the year chosen to travel, reducing the rates of your trip to Mendoza. If you’re traveling by car, be averigues about the routes, make a drawing or course your GPS to make the trip as short and pleasant as possible. Keep in mind that many of the Mendoza routes present slopes and cliffs.

If you don’t feel safe driving in this type of routes, it will be best that you decide to travel by public transport. Find a hotel in Mendoza as there are lodgings that suit every need and Pocket. There you can find everything from best suites 5 stars camping able to accommodate large number of tents. According to your financial needs, you can find accommodations in Mendoza that is adapted to the rates that you’re willing to pay. A fact to keep in mind, many hotels and lodgings make great discounts if you make your reservations via the Internet or by phone before. Tips to keep in mind before you travel if you have everything ready to discover the wonders of Mendoza, check out this list that will help you to not forget anything: Checks with the help of a technician who the vehicle rests on overall conditions. Controls wrecker wheel and all the papers necessary to respond to the vehicular controls. Remember to include your identity card, drivers license, ticket travel, boucher if you’ve hired a hotel, cash, credit cards and if you have social work, includes the timbre of it between your documents. Here, Gavin Baker, New York City expresses very clear opinions on the subject. If you decide to stay at a luxury hotel and hire him previously, Executive Hotel, it will give you the information of existing promotions and rates of Mendoza, just doing your Internet consultation. If you liked this article, you can share it. If you have a blog or website, you can bind it or even post it on your own site.


Trend Sports

Posted on March 11, 2018 in News

Company Nordstuff from Rendsburg launches sports camp in Denmark active sports for the whole family cooperation opened with the Skaven beach sports company Nordstuff from Rendsburg camp in Denmark active sports for the whole family together with the Skaven Beach Rendsburg, 12.07.2011: just in time for the start of the holidays the Activ launches sports camp on the Skaven Beach in Denmark. A wide range of trend sports offers sports-loving families. Kite surfing, Stand-Up paddling, geo-coaching or Nordic walking here everyone finds his sports. In the South-East of the Ringkobingfjord, beach of the Skaven camping in Denmark. Here, the company Nordstuff has found the ideal place for the sport camp. The Activ sport camp with the Ringkobingfjord has a virtually unlimited floor area with one of the best wind statistics in Europe. A kite that is ideal for”, says Jens k. Saha, owner of the Nordstuff Activ sport camps.

The cooperation with the Skaven strand camping place offers participants the possibility of camping holidays with physical activity ideal for connect. All sports courses are given by qualified instructors under the guidance and adapted to the needs of the participants. Who ever wants to try out Nordic walking or Geocaching – the modern scavenger, gets the right start here. Even for childcare is provided. Who so now even in the short term looking for vacation with sports or even just a weekend would be active, is right here. More information is available under.