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Social Room

Posted on May 17, 2019 in News

In relation to the done critics, we must show that, the Constitutional Court is not the unique jurisdictional organ that emits jurisprudence of binding nature. The Supreme Court, for example, sends binding jurisprudence proof of it is the prescribed thing in Art. 22 of the Statutory law of Poder Judicial (LOPJ), which establishes that the decisions of the Supreme Court on any matter that determines principles legal, have binding character for all the judges and it denominates legal doctrine, reason why he is not rare or empty that the article 116 of the commented normative body establishes the existence of the jurisdictional plenary sessions. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Mary Barra. On the other hand, article 400 of the Procedural Code Civil speech of casatorios plenary sessions to establish binding jurisprudence or indoctrinates legal; on the other hand, article 433 of the effective Penal Procedural Code allows the expedition of binding jurisprudence and article 34 of the Law of the Administrative Contentious Process (Law 27584) even establishes that all the decisions made in annulment by the Constitutional and Social Room of the Supreme Court jurisprudence must be considered binding. Although it is certain that an express reference to her in our Political Letter does not exist, as much the interpretative sentences as the binding precedent and the legal doctrine have constitutional cover, as it is come off article 201 of the Constitution, that recognizes the TC like control unit of the Constitution and the consitutionality of the laws, and in article 202 of the same Political Letter, according to which it corresponds to him to the TC in the constitutional processes, the function of final instance of failure and in others, unique instance. The systematic interpretation of both norms even indicates that the sentences of the TC cannot be not known by the other powers or constitutional organs of the State and, by the individuals.

Mathematical Knowledge

Posted on February 4, 2019 in News

Today I have I decide to write on a subject that it has to do with the mathematical knowledge, but one is not numbers, sets, area of triangles, or all those subjects teach that us in the school. Then in question? One is the world-wide phobia that has many students by the mathematical ones. immediately tendriamos that to ask to us: what is the reason? exists a world-wide conspiracy on the part of which they teach the mathematical ones, so that this is difficult to understand on the part of the students? Sincerely I prefer not to believe this, but I am witness of which many universities of many countries have ” teachers estrellas”. But who are the masterful stars? They are those ones in charge to make the filter in the university race, mainly when there are but students of whom deberia to have. These teachers identify themselves because they are implacable at the time of the examination, since they place mathematical exercises of high level, that perhaps only the one that it invention or they podrian to solve it. Like engineering student, I was witness of this, since teniamos reference of frightful ” masterful star of third semestre” that he was ” destacado” because of an average of thirty or forty students who appeared to their course, about two or only three tenian the posiblidad to approve their course of calculation or mathematical integrals.

Now I ask myself Is this the true philosophy of the mathematical knowledge? sincerely not I create it and I say it by philosophy that applies the Japaneses, about to understand mathematician, since for them it is a process that the student must step by step fulfill and the best thing of this philosophy, is that the student only happened to the next level, until his teacher has obtained who this student has understood the subject, that is to say a little but work for the teachers Japanese and not like in our Latin America, that the teacher has become ” qualifier of exercises matematicos” , this is hard to recognize, but we must confront it to begin to change. I am certainly the mathematical ones are not difficult, because I have had the happiness to include/understand this science and that we must give an educative approach him totally different from which this occurring him, but this mission is not only of the teachers, also it corresponds to the students to leave panic the psychological one to this matter and first that deberia to take off of the language is that famous frasecita of which ” I am bad for matematicas”. when we begin to watch it with other eyes and another thought, of insurance it would increase I number of students who began ” to understand the language matematico”. this mathematician is the secret of understanding. It is possible to us to begin this task and for this many governments they sincerely deberian to reconstruct the form in which one evaluates the students, since but it is worth to understand few things for all the life, that to understand very many things, only for an examination, who to the few hours habra forgotten to us. I wait for this writing serves as reflection and analysis for which they wish an educative change in the mathematical ones which it favors understanding of our next generations.