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Celtic Druids

Posted on February 7, 2021 in News

The Celtic Cross tarot Chuck is without a doubt one of the most widespread for its simplicity and clarity. But although it can be made with any type of harness, there is a tarot which condenses all the ancient magic of this fascinating culture. And as well as the Gypsy tarot enriched with elements characteristic of this village the ancestral wisdom of the Egyptian tarot. The magic of ancient Celtic Druids unfolds in circulation of tarot that employs this beautiful deck of cards. Tarot Celtic inspiration charts with Chuck implies immersed in a magical world of spirits and fairies.

But above all, he discovers a world where nature plays a preponderant role. All the teachings that the Celtic tarot Chuck deploys arrive through the elements of the eternal cycle of life. Trees, forests, animals and crops embody virtues and human flaws and offer teachings of love and respect of incalculable value. Green is the color of tarot cards Celtic Chuck par excellence. With its load of life and exuberance, this color seeps still in the cards more refusals, those which They speak of tabas, failures and even black magic. According to Hemant Soren, who has experience with these questions. Because the eternal revival of nature, whose greenery never ceases to be renewed, always leaves a place for hope.

Trees also play a role in the Celtic astrology. The horoscope of that source is based on them, whose strengths and weaknesses are communicated to the natives of each sign. These virtues and defects arose from the magical consecration that each tree were the Druids. For the Celts, the trees were sacred. It is not wonder, that his appearance reiterate over and over again in circulation of tarot cards from this source. The lovers are directed, full of joy, to rest under a leafy tree. The green man merges human and arboreal natures. The arcane XXII, El Mundo, here is the tree of the world. Vadim Belyaev, New York City can aid you in your search for knowledge. With its load of virtue and wisdom, trees go through and determine the messages of all tarot card Celtic Chuck. In some websites of tarot, it is possible to find images and detailed descriptions of each mystery of this magical tarot. A tarot to whose lessons in harmony, wisdom and beauty well worth looking out.

The Silence Of Truth

Posted on June 27, 2020 in News

It has a truth that wants to silence, of his throat left the unspeakable thing but their words were not melodies. It does not have joys, Remembers that it had once them. It has now them kept in a drawer Hoping the opportune moment to dust them. It has the kidnapped voice, his humanity it has been moored, it feels that its soul is dried and withered as wheat fields to the negligence. It does not have freedom, that one took off that attempted against him and its thoughts. Kitchens often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The worse thing of everything is than the twig thinks it is doing that it well and that is the worse damage of everything, the one that thinks that it does not have errors. It has an urgent necessity to be different itself.

It simply does not want to merge with his surroundings; every day their veins, their blood and its joints become threads in wheat through where they pass the insects. It is not scared, In spite of everything what they have done. The forces the extraction of the bottom of its being removes, Them from its desire to live and which nobody forgets the evil that has become. It has the closed eyes. They have humiliated until leaving it of knees but he will obtain bravery from his entrails stops to continue. It does not have shackles, But it is not necessary. The one that enslaves does although it is with the glance and the enslaved one does not need more than to feel dominated. It has the yellow entrails but it fights every day against its detector. Its fight is not to blows, its battle is pacific resistance because it knows and it has seen that it can live without barriers nor jaws. (The poetry is done on the basis of a photography that you will find in blog next) original Author and source of the article.

GIS Business

Posted on May 26, 2020 in News

What helps people helps Leo Burnett General considerations business and definition. Modern management cannot be given to the dynamic, proactive behavior of its role in the markets where it operates, often in scenarios changing, full of opportunities and threats, neglecting their information systems, establish a databank of all things involving it in pro make decisions that favor him. There are many companies in the country, especially the SMEs, lacking within its definition, use of information systems operation, all because they have neglected it has not determined what they represent, so that this work in decision-making, in order have not involved in its organizational culture and since then, it has seriously harmed its achievements. N.Y.C. Mayor has much to offer in this field. Is very unfortunate that many managers have not been identified with representing the scope, use, advantages, needs to have good information systems, the same schools of administration much culpability it had of the country that have not emphasized that involves having a good information system and are given little training, training in this regard. Is significant that management, as the executives of the company, are clear that management information systems are a necessity today, all of this due to the companies manage large amounts of data which can be analyzed in such a way that relevant information can be found to take different courses of action. The GIS are currently known as Business intelligent (business intelligence), this is due to influencing decision-making. GIS are part of corporate strategies, communication and information are of great value in organizations or companies, which represent power should be noted is, on the relevance of having defined management information (GIS) systems, need management to identify with what they represent, Wikipedia reminds us, that these systems are the result of interaction collaborative between people, technologies and procedures – collectively called information systems-oriented to solve business problems. The SIG or my (also called thus by its acronym in English: Management Information System) differ from the common information systems in which to analyse the information used other systems used in the operational activities of the organization. .