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Berlin Energy

Posted on February 6, 2019 in News

Not implemented energy-call for tenders resulted in an internal affairs complaint against 20 upper Bavarian district heads and internal affairs complaint was made the Lord Mayors of Munich and Ingolstadt, Rosenheim due to failure of energy tenders. According to the rules article 2, paragraph 2. gesetz/2806/a39757.htm consists since 1999 off the threshold value results in the obligation for EU-wide tendering, but so far not undertaken by a threshold of 422 000.–of the total for the entire period. So in case of a contract based on 25 000.–invoice amount per year for 20 years. The obligation of the public tender.

The tender obligation relates to liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas, heating oil, electricity and fuels – as well as firewood and coal. The internal affairs complaints have been delivered to the Upper Bavaria and the Bavarian State Ministry of the Interior each by bailiffs. Scans of two delivery documents can be requested by mail. The affected district heads and Mayor have failure. In their counties and county-level cities through EU-wide tenders the energy price increase to prevent. The Miesbacher Haber field driver noticed that no energy tenders were carried out in 15 of 16 federal States and the Procurement Office of the Federal Government.

Only the city of Berlin has carried out energy tenders. Because this was needed by the poor fiscal situation there. They have then passed the cost advantage to consumers and the economy. Failure of public tender procedures leads to the removal from the public service in disciplinary proceedings. The Miesbacher Haber field drivers speak of unprecedented bad ENERGIEPOLITIKERN and a failure of the control area of the parliaments and the Bundestag. Because of exorbitant damage consumers and the German economy. Is the responsible German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s resignation and the for high natural gas prices in Munich, Bavaria and Upper Bavaria called for responsible Munich Mayor, Ude. Questions is the editor of Haber field driver Josef Demmel available!