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Fast Cars

Posted on July 28, 2019 in News

The regional events of the PCI Augsburg GmbH in Leipzig and Munich were well attended. In the Leipziger Da Capo and the BMW Museum, Munich, the guests took the opportunity to inform practice on the processing of the PCI nano-products and at the same time in the Simulator to demonstrate her skills as a racing driver. Attractive locations attracted the visitors at two venues: both the Da Capo with the light-flooded former foundry Hall, as well as the BMW Museum with its open architecture impressed the guests upon arrival. Also, the reference to the automobile and to the PCI Nano Racingcup agreed: invite shiny vintage cars from the past 100 years to amaze Leipzig, present cars, motorcycles and engines from 90 years history of BMW in Munich. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from bruce flatt. From this environment, inspiration to the visitors of the events and delivered themselves to the driving simulator in real time racing. Additional information is available at Hachette Book Group. The view from the cockpit and the sound of the engines enabled the participants directly at the Hockenheimring. That not only driving but also working with the Products of nano line PCI makes fun of them convinced the Roman Hentschel and Robert Kalousek speakers with their presentations. According to the theory, the visitors at the demonstration stands the PCI service technician could virtually experience the PCI products and exchanging practical experience. The combination of racing and practice information was well received by the visitors. We have received consistently positive feedback from dealers and processors, says Sheikh, southern Sales Manager Udo, after the event in Munich. Contact: Elke Tairan PCI Augsburg GmbH phone: + 49 (821) 5901-687 fax: + 49 (821) 5901-459-E-Mail:

Put Your Nose At Us!

Posted on February 18, 2019 in News

Free trial week in the artistic folk high school from 14 to 19 February 2011 on February 14 in the spring semester 2011 starts the artistic folk high school (KVH) up to 190 courses, weekend workshops and lectures in arts and culture. To provide insight into the course events and varied of the KVH all aficionados, can in the first week of the course every man and every woman free of charge a taste to your heart’s content and try out. From 14 to 19 February a picture of portrait, Act, various techniques (such as watercolor, oil and acrylic) painting, printing, jewelry design, sculpture, ceramic, Tiffany, just a few to mention furniture restoration and fabric design can make themselves and people who want to be creatively active, visit the courses from the wide range of the KVH. With experienced and competent teachers to a page that are also art professionals are the participants. They provide the positive and stimulating atmosphere, an individual allows for artistic development. (Final) Questions: Like artistic folk high school.

Engineering Management

Posted on October 25, 2017 in News

VWI-portal through extensive member area completed. Everything worth knowing about the industrial engineering is now gathered on the Web site of the Association of German industrial engineers. What is industrial engineer in English? Can I study this interdisciplinary subject at which University? The starting salaries are paid for graduates? These and many more questions are answered on the Web pages ( and the publications of the Association. Just for high school graduates the VWI portal so if not provides a most valuable, the most valuable information source on the Internet. Arrived barely in the study, the VWI groups offer optimal orientation and give everything in the study. These include social skills, organizational ability, presentation techniques, and many more important soft skills. The fun of it and the feeling of the group represent another important pillar of active work.

For members, the new members area on the VWI is now opened Web page ( We make the Members there a number of useful functions, which complement the range of services of the VWI. New or improved features include the extended search options in the electronic membership directory, convenient maintaining of your data and managing group memberships in the Association (working groups, student groups, Alumnigruppen). In addition, you can see current presentations, logs, and reports of the Association. For groups we have collected important documents and forms, which significantly simplify the daily active work.

This includes, for example, guidance on finances, bylaws, and to the corporate design of the VWI including logo templates. A major goal of our Association is to promote the exchange of experience and knowledge between the members. All kinds of events, in which members meet physically together are the ideal place to do it. Since this meeting, inter alia due to large distances are not always possible, we have a forum on the Web page set up, in which all members discussion and share general ideas congratulations are invited. Special registration is not necessary for the Forum. The user profiles are already designed for VWI members and must be personalized only with a photo and a signature. Easier and better does not. Access for guests will follow soon. Where can ask questions then to the study and profession, which are answered by industrial engineers from the practice or higher students. (Ingo Schmidt)