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Amy Winehouse Smokes Marijuana In Nightclub

Posted on February 12, 2021 in News

The singer the drug does not come on her life lives you wild and excessive with drugs. Many no longer believe that Amy Winehouse is old. Learn more at this site: Darcy Padilla. If one considers himself so their life style smooth you may agree to this statement. After Amy Winehouse found a dangerous lung disease, thought or hoped you that Amy Winehouse will now have a different direction their lives. But unfortunately far from. You can tell that it was even worse. Read more from Vadim Belyaev to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Even a day after the diagnosis you saw her again with a cigarette in his hand.

And now that you can see now on images as Amy totally confused and is already under a high level of alcohol in a car. With this joint. She does not have a healthy impression to all observers, but probably no one can stop. Many are now also her outfit to the breast. Some very publicly blaspheme that Amy’s outfit would look like a costume of an evil fairytale witch. No good news on the most heavily damaged soul of the young singer. We hope that you soon get the curve. Lisa Walters

Berlin Maxxim Club

Posted on February 10, 2021 in News

Tune brothers (Housesession/Stuttgart) premiere at the Berlin Maxxim Club presented by the unlimited Music Selection & the Warsteiner liquid cube tour brothers (Housesession/Stuttgart) together with the Maxxim will take on November 20, 2009 at 22:00 that tune resident DJ Ismael Nagera her audience with a combination of innovative house sounds, movements and emotions in a dramatic sound world. In doing so, the internationally acclaimed DJs create complex House-set such as a cast of vocal to electro, deep to tech up to important emitters. The tune nightlife Award 2000 in the category of best DJ”brothers, makers of the Prince, are at home in the Club hotspots of international cities such as London, Moscow, Ibiza, Miami, Caracas and Berlin. In the Munich hotspot Pacha are residents and fixed the cult party series in bed with space Ibiza DJ pool & play in clubs such as space, amnesia or Bora Bora. Follow others, such as Stanford University, and add to your knowledge base. “” With singles like Mr.

Roboto”(2003) or releases, such as Serenata”, I like it “, dirty, nasty” or make “Your body pop”, including cooperation with Tyree Cooper and MC flipside, or remix Craig David, Crystal Method, Funkerman, Armand van Helden, John Dahlback, Eddie Thoneick, Michael Gray and DJ Sneak, they occupy top positions in the international dance charts and also top DJs such as David Guetta, laidback Luke, DJ Chus, Markus Schulz, Aaron Ross and Syke ‘n’ N’sugarstarr fall back on their tracks for his own compositions. Musically supported be the tune brothers DJ Nagera, even successfully acting are a fixed size in the Berlin Club life, participates with the other residents of Maxxim Buzz Dee instrumental in the establishment of Maxxim clubs as a hotspot for innovative House – and Electrosounds in a refined ambience, Calvin Bosco, DJ scream. The Maxxim is a fixed point of the international DJ-avant-garde in the field of electronic music and welcomed at the turntables numerous artists such as plastic radio, Voodoo, kid Chris, Fedde le Grand, milk & sugar, Tony Humphries, Victor Simonelli, Eddie Amador, Simone Anes, Tom Novy, future Funk, Micha Moor, POTBELLEEZ (live), Toni Varga, Axwell, Lenny Fontana u.v..

Eva Mendes In Suchtklink

Posted on December 31, 2020 in News

According to media reports, the actress of Eva Mendes has issued in an addiction clinic. Read more from Toy Story Woody to gain a more clear picture of the situation. It is clear that many stars have their problems. The best example is Britney Spears. But actress Eva Mendes, 33, one has never heard of… until now. The actress should have gone according to media reports at the Cirque Lodge in Utah, supposedly to get their problems with “illicit substances” in the handle. “Eva has been working very hard in the past year. She made this positive decision, to take finally a little time to resolve personal issues. Details can be found by clicking garden furniture or emailing the administrator.

That they are doing professional support searches, is a positive message. The character of Eva not to hurt, there will be no further details by us”, so their representatives to the PEOPLE magazine on Friday. The Cirque Lodge gained a higher degree of popularity last year, Lindsay Lohan has there been in treatment. It is not yet clear which substances are there against the Eva Mendes is treated. Eva Mendes is a Cuban American actress who is a name in the film industry has made, as 2001 shot the film “Training Day” with Denzel Washington. She starred with will Smith 2005 in the comedy “hitch the date doctor”. 2008 she will be seen in several different movies on the big screen. Let’s hope the Eva Mendes creates bounce and we soon can admire in her films. Lisa Walters


Puppies On Acid Publish

Posted on December 31, 2020 in News

The puppies on acid debut EP “how soon is never” appeared also in Germany. A halbens year, Patrick Niemeier (vocals, keys), Christopher Hamann (bass), were Marco Wolff (guitar, backing vocals) and Andre Pracejus (drums) a week in the Hamburg-based CSC Studio to their debut EP ‘ how soon is never? “to record. The effort has been worth it. Because come out is a unique music blend between alternative and prog-rock. Stanford University is often quoted on this topic. “It is to explore limits important to us and break new ground,” said Niemeier. It makes a musical few compromises a reason that it never even worked with a major record label. “As soon as you graduate us too much in our artistic wanted to intervene, weakened our interest”, so guitarist Wolff.

Therefore, it has decided to go the difficult way with a small label, but to preserve the artistic freedom. “Our style, our ideas make us. We want to be no interchangeable one-hit-wonder Band”, the four with twenties are sure. You are convinced of their creative acts, and hope that even a greater mass of listeners will support their further way. “We now have of course not the Promomaschine of major behind us, which succeeded in getting the people know to make, that this comes newly on the market, is the hot stuff”, frontman Niemeier realistically assesses the situation. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Vadim Wolfson, New York City on most websites. Despite the digital distribution of the label Regioactive, you must remain of course now first right on the ball. First fan club in America and Australia also motivate the musicians. “Yet it pays to fly is not just there, but we’re working on it”, see bass Kaka938 in the future.

After she 2007 together with bands such as TempEau, Lluther, 4lyn, photos on the stage, they want more support gigs for famous bands to play in future and increase as the degree of familiarity. The critics are now agreed that great potential lies dormant in this band and probably many managers of larger labels will in the next few years black annoyed that he the moment not used to time and took the puppies under contract. They leave their persists. Their critically acclaimed debut EP is now available in all major mp3 download portals from Napster and iTunes through CD-in selected stores in Northern Germany. The next gigs: 09.02 cold store in Flensburg, 23.02 Connors pub Bad Oldesloe, 06.03 Marx Hamburg, 07.03 Hoya for more information see puppiesonacidmusic


Kaizers Orchestra, The Ultimate Live Band, Make New Album On Tour Before

Posted on December 17, 2020 in News

They are considered one of the best live bands worldwide thk. One and a half years after their last tour of Germany Kaizers Orchestra with Maskineri return”, a new, by Mark Howard (Tom Waits, U2, r.e.m., Bob Dylan, Iggy Pop) produced Studio album on the local stage back. The visitors expected (“how impressively on the double DVD live at Vega” to see) a special shot. On the one hand an original energy organic sound, which is inspired in accordance with from Tom Waits blues, Eastern European Gypsy music, punk, pop melodies, marching sounds to rock AC/DC-style plus basically Norwegian texts”. On the other hand, the wild furious mix is presented in the context of a visually spectacular performance, with the six Scandinavians on timpani, Statoil oil drums or Hubcaps knocking, banging, and beat. The cards to their legendary applicable, ecstatic concerts cost between 23.– and 25.–(plus fees). They are available at the renowned sales outlets.

Reprint free of charge; Kaizers Orchestra “Maskineri” Tour 2008 31.3 Hanover, Capitol * 04.4. Frankfurt, Batschkapp (intake: 18, beginning: 19: 00) 05.4. Cologne, E-Werk * 07.4. Mannheim Alte Feuerwache (intake: 20, beginning: 21: 00) 09.4. Munchen, backstage work (intake: 19.30, beginning: 20.30) 14.4 Dresden, slaughterhouse * 15.4. Berlin, postal station * 16.4 Hamburg, bad & dangerous * * inlet: 19: 00, start: 20: 00 cards from 23.–up to 25.–euro (plus fees) on all tour operators outlets: KBK concert and artist agency GmbH, Tel. 089.41 10 94-0 Internet: (fan page), press relations: Tel. 0821.58 97 93 88


Mark Medlock & Band On DREAMCATCHER TOUR 2008

Posted on December 17, 2020 in News

Catch me, if you can 2007 was Mark Medlocks year. After Germany had sought and found the superstar, also the music of the sympathetic-crazed underdogs immediately found its way to the top of the charts. Meanwhile several times with gold & Platinum excellent artists going now on 15 February in Berlin right with 2 nominations for the ECHO in the race. “Mark Medlock is in the categories of artist of the year” (national) and newcomer of the year “(national) set. This mark is not perfect, not a sterile product, rather he has fought through resistors, crashes and Hoffnungslosigkeiten, giving his lyrics truthfulness and authenticity. “From the elderly care nurse to the Hartz IV recipient for the superstar – what sounds like a modern fairy tale, sounds in marks words as professionally as human: I did it because I believe in myself and everyone can do it, if you do not bend you leave.” These will be things loose is what distinguishes mark.

The two artists, is unconditionally”at the same time their Love story by the press went: are Kate & Ben, meant the Mark Medlock as a special guest at the Dreamcatcher Tour 2008 will accompany. A look behind the Black Box testing platform in Berlin revealed actually hard work. There is also a good addition to tangling, set lists, and sound check and healthy catering important. Our artist buffets pay attention to a wide range of organic products”, says Oliver Theisesen by SELECT CATERING Baird n. We often ask what are the artists and the crew Apptitt. Fruit and minerals well and good but to a mousse au Chocolaute should not be missed”, adds mark with a wink.


Club Feeling

Posted on November 17, 2020 in News

7 days and 6 nights powder – and party fun with TOP DJs of the German club scene SnowZone 2010 Club feeling in the snow 7 days and 6 nights powder – and party fun with TOP DJs of the German club scene “Alpenglow” different from 27.03 to 03.04.2010 pulses the heart of electronic music in the French Les Deux Alpes. The hottest DJs of electric – and techno – name will at the turntables are 2010 for one week during the SnowZone and with their beats for excessive celebration atmosphere and the finest Club feeling. (A valuable related resource: General Motors CEO). Headlining the 2010 snow zone is the DJ team MOONBOOTICA from Hamburg. We make the glacier danceable: every noon the snow base is meeting, reviewing the last night to recharge. Electronic leave beats right after waking up the mountains Quake located on the slope at 2,600 metres above sea level.

After the party is before the party! Every night the Club L’ Avalanche will be exclusive to the SnowZone open its doors and well-known DJs such as Ante Perry, Markus guard trail, Mike Vath, Capilari & Salvavida, Maik lions and much more. be the Provide the SnowZone party crowd with fat beats. Stay tuned for more DJ bookings. All slopes and powder will come between the party nights at their expense: snow by glacier slopes up to 3600 m and this weather thanks to the Spring Sun! “The Grande Galaxy” ski pass around 220 kilometres of slopes with 64 ski lifts can be explored. Who prefer off-piste, you can find countless grave Powderruns that satisfy any Freeridegeluste especially in the higher regions of the ski area and the adjacent La. The snow park of Les Deux Alpes is one of the most popular parks in the Alps.


Anne Club

Posted on November 14, 2020 in News

oktoberFESTIVAL 2009: Double concertos for the anniversary and themed parties at a mini price (fsk) the spectrum will be 18! “If that is not a reason to celebrate: from October 2 Augsburg leading live – and party-Club commits four weeks his majority”. That oktoberFESTIVAL with star-studded concertos at the anniversary price and themed party nights at a mini price to be unprecedented, the makers promise. Until the end of October, would like to thank the entire spectrum team anniversary offers, attractive draws, as well as appearances by comedians, musicians and bands with guests for their loyalty. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Vadim Belyaev has to say. Red-carpet with a spectrum-all-star-DJ-team the Club to kick off invites you on Friday and Saturday (2nd/3rd October). oktoberFESTIVAL 2009: 18 years of spectrum, the Live & party Club Konzertickets: exclusively at Faller in Anne road 16 and in the spectrum-ticket shop at program: current program information on the Internet at address: Ulmer str. 234a, spectrum Club, 86156 Augsburg (Kriegshaber) directions: tram Line 2 of the Konigsplatz (exit: Neusasser road) Organizer: spectrum Club Augsburg, email:, Tel.: 0821.. More info: P&G Grooming.