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Squareedged Boards

Posted on January 26, 2021 in News

Edged board is a board, cut out of logs and sawn on the edges so that it does not contain the side edges of the crust. Currently, edged board one of the most popular timber. She applies not only to external works, but also for decoration of various types from the inside. To know more about this subject visit Stanford University. Edged board used for the production of frame walls, floors, furniture, stairs, fences, and a myriad of other building structures. With the help of an edging board is prepared to cover the roof. Raw materials for the production of boards selected depending on the intended functionality, as well as requirements for water resistance and durability. Best raw materials for construction timber trim is fir and pine. Source: educational psychology.

Cost-cut board depend on wood species, size, availability of treatment. Qualitative edged board should not have cracks, knots, cracks and other vices and defects. Sort edging board is in compliance with standards gost. Grade indicated at the end of the board at a special stamp. Depends on the grade board from its thickness and width. Vadim Belyaev, Moscow Russia will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The volume of purchased material is in cubic meters. The cheapest is edging board of birch, more valuable – softwood. Elite – a board of wood of rare breeds – red and black wood used in furniture and premises.

When storing the edging board outdoors or in warehouses, material must be placed in piles, arranged a special seal, ensuring adequate air circulation. So prevents the processes of decay. The reason for the popularity of square-edged boards is clear: it has a very favorable combination of durability, strength, resistance to mechanical impact, sustainability and simplicity processing. This is what sets it against the backdrop of plywood and osb.


Standard Insulation

Posted on January 23, 2021 in News

But i do not want so much, but that is not worse. There is a way, windows with energy-saving glass, the so-called I-glass, where the surface of glass microscope applied coating of various metal oxides, including silver. If you look at the certificate testing the most common glass to glass-and Top-N, we see that the single-chamber windows with a standard 24 mm thick with a single-glass has a coefficient of 0.66, but if you upload an inert argon gas, then all 0.69! And coating of energy-saving glass is almost negligible and the light transmittance in the visible spectrum is triple-pane windows with ordinary glass. Energy-saving glass, gives a few more positive effects. First 30% reduces the heating facilities of direct sunlight, and secondly, do not miss the ultraviolet rays, which prevents fading of furniture coatings. We now turn to the issue of sound insulation of the room.

If your windows face the courtyard or a vacation home, then the standard single-chamber glass for soundproofing, fully meet your expectations from the new windows. Want to draw attention that many firms is recommended for increasing the noise insulation properties of windows triple-glazed windows, arguing that the triple-pane windows provide soundproofing rooms 34dB, 26dB only a single chamber. In part, this statement is true, but only for high-frequency sounds (whistling cry baby), but for the low-frequency sounds, like a passing truck, sound insulation that a twin-, triple-pane windows that is the same and lies in the range of 24-25 dB, since the resonant frequency of vibration of glass coincides with the low-frequency noise and does not depend on the number of cameras.