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Alcohol And Drugs

Posted on December 8, 2020 in News

We have to put on record how drug use can affect violent at youth group internships. We are going to talk about the reasons that may lead to its abuse and substances that are more consumed by young people. Talk about causes of consumption of drugs is when less risky. The diversity of known factors, joins the fact that none of them seems to be necessary requirement, nor sufficient to account for the home consumption. An original combination of factors explaining their particular journey is given in each case. Therefore, it seems more appropriate to speak of conditions that favour this process, risk factors that make it more likely. Mark Gillette helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The most important of these factors are as follows:-curiosity: by experience, that it is a natural and desirable characteristic of adolescence.

Why it is necessary to educate, so that it becomes a source of maturation and prevent that you concentrate on risk situations. -The peer group pressure: tendency to uniformity in the bosom of the group which, in the same way that facilitates the adoption of certain identity – how to dress, music, etc., has a major role in the onset of drug use. -Search for pleasure: the consumption of drugs has been always linked to the desire to disconnect from the crippling demands of reality, in an attempt to make the most of their leisure time. When during childhood and adolescence us and they learn other forms of fun, drugs can occupy a place guardianship. -Inconsistent family control: when family rules are excessively rigid, relaxed, or unchanged, the interiorization by children and adolescents in a clear pattern of behavior, becomes difficult by what their socialization outside the family are very affected. -Availability of drugs: If there is a notable presence of drugs in the medium in which the teenager lives your leisure time, the home consumption is favored. They are not obviously unique risk factors, but are some of the most relevant and, especially, are factors that may act previously.