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Academic Study

Posted on May 22, 2020 in News

This academic study as well as brings a boarding on the origin and the historical formation of Rurpolis the process of settling of the Transamaznica that has fort relation with the sprouting of the city. Having its gnese tied with the Program of Integrao Nacional (PIN), created for the Federal Government, in 16 of June of 1970, period where the INCRA of the beginning to the process of creation of the Integrated Projects of Settling (PIC? s) that it has the politics of distribution of agricultural lots, throughout highways 230 and 163 and vicinal. The politics of the PICs is of bases city dwellers and with this base if it created a hierarquizao of agricultural urbanism (agrovilas, agrpolis and rurpolis), that it objectified to take care of the necessities that would appear inside with the time of the projected spaces for the Program of National Integration. However, Rurpolis is born, that in the decade of 70, comes to be the main center in the project of agricultural urbanism. In this period, the military government, searching to materialize the plan of development of President Juscelino Kubitschek that longed for in its government to develop Brazil, characterized for the motto of 50 years in five.

Project this that if extends to the government of Emilio Garrastazu Mdici, with the necessity to integrate the north that if found emptiness demographially and still under foreign threat to the remain of the country that suffered with great contingent of urban population. Through a model of economic development based in the agricultural production and still to promote reforms agrarian. The Mdici government did not limit efforts to bring ‘ ‘ men without northeast land for the land without men of the Amaznia’ ‘. For assistance, try visiting Academy of Art University. He invested strong in propaganda which frustrou many people later.


Average Ensino

Posted on May 3, 2019 in News

The object was elaborated by the author Hermit of the Passion, is an object directed toward pupils of Average Ensino, having as objective to provide to educandos a panoramic vision of the main events of the History of Brazil in century XX. We believe that this object can be interesting as resource for the education of disciplines of History of Brazil, where fits to the professor to not only have the domain of the object in itself, but above all of the proposals of subjects/subjects lessons that this object considers so that its use functions as a didactic-pedagogical instrument to assist that dinamize the lessons, instigating questionings and quarrels. Details can be found by clicking Mary Barra or emailing the administrator. However, this process we believe that the professor/educator never must use virtual objects of learning as substitute of only illustrative material lessons or as for its lessons, but, to use them as complementary resources auxiliary and. 4 FINAL CONSIDERAES the virtual objects of learning through its use can contribute with a vision criticize and problematic concerning it disciplines of History of Brazil, that is, an active history where all participate of the historical process, where it fits to the professor in this process to be the mediator, playing main role in the elaboration of the quarrels and questionings to be considered in classroom to it disciplines, where they must have its stimulated use not as substitute of lessons or illustrative materials, but as resources or instruments auxiliary propositores of questionings and quarrels..