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Julia Romanova

Posted on January 26, 2021 in News

Over the top, full its length, you can hang a mirror, which will further increase the space of a small bathroom. Kitchen, the busiest section of the apartment, here you just want to "push" the wall to fit a lot of equipment, desks, and even sofa. Here the main thing to understand for yourself exactly what you want to use. Today's market offers many different built-in appliances, which can be invisibly embedded in the kitchen set. For example, in one furniture column can be built: a microwave, dishwasher or oven, coffee – machine, while you save enough free space. Sofa can choose a small, decorative depth, such as seventy centimeters and a length of slightly more than a meter, and thus can fit a small table with chairs. The main thing in this minimum size furniture.

With proper placement of all this will look very aesthetically pleasing and functionally. Yael Aflalo, New York City describes an additional similar source. But this way the functional location for apartments that are not affected by redevelopment. Redevelopment in small apartments often motivated by the desire to make maximum use of living malogabaritok space, where a large room designed as a passage. Let's now talk about the apartments, where there are no walls and you can make a reconstruction of the apartment. But do not forget that you can not move or block the ventilation cabinets, bathrooms and kitchen to swap with the room. The most common modern solution – a kitchen, a living room.

Single space becomes larger half. In this version you can to focus on the living room and kitchen will be a small addition to it. To divide these spaces can be a small bar, which is a continuation of the countertop kitchen unit, and bears two major features a bar and additional work surface. In small apartments are often designed large corridors or halls, which are completely functional and are bushing areas. These zones can be under reconstruction Apartments join as possible to other spaces, such as a bathroom. Many want to install a bidet in the bathroom, but – for the size can not afford it. There is a good way to fix it – hygienic shower, it does not take place and can be mounted near the toilet. In general, many ways to expand the space of decorative elements. You can use the mirrors, additional lighting – domestic or point, different textures of walls or painting drastically opposing colors. Means a lot ceiling clearance, because entering the room, he catches the eye. If it is done with a variety of lighting, beautifully designed, then it can visually enlarge the area of the room. The main thing to choose a style and a clear follow it in the design of the apartment. Better use of styles that can relieve the space – a modern minimalism, Japanese style, restrained classic, hi – tech, art – deco. Playing with style and redevelopment – is the way to create a unique interior. Interior designer Julia Romanova When using text materials and thumbnail link to a site required.


Kitchen Renovations

Posted on November 17, 2020 in News

Before you start repairing the kitchen, first determine with how and what exactly you want to make ceiling. Mary Barra may find this interesting as well. Further, the ceiling is directly related to electricity, and it is very important for the kitchen. Repairs to any flat should start with the ceiling. That was the sequence begins repairs to any kitchen. Since the kitchen area is always divided into several areas for dining and cooking, the ceiling and can also be divided. The usual place for the chandeliers middle of the ceiling can be removed, and the lights on the ceiling placed on the semicircle, so it will look pretty good. Two of the fixtures located over the kitchen worktops to lighting to be directed straight to place of work (cutting table, a sink). And the other two, which was conceived, can replace fluorescent light in the dark as they were mounted above the window.

Housing semicircle can be made of drywall. During operation can occur, and such difficulty that are associated with folded cardboard-gypsum sheet. And the problem is that if you take too thick sheet, it even when wet will not bend. That's when you need to do a semi-circle of pieces of drywall, and then carefully putty joints between them, to give clarity to bending. A gaffe, which is connected with the choice of cardboard-gypsum sheet, it can teach you to listen carefully to the opinions way to furnish an apartment. But with the help of modern materials, new technologies and professional craftsmen to build and repair you can get a better result. Overhaul – a high-quality Finish by using multifunctional materials and new technologies. Overhaul kit includes works that are aimed at removing the old finish, the absolute alignment of the support structure replacement of utilities, and also there is the possibility of redevelopment.