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100 Years Of Jazz History

Posted on January 8, 2021 in News

Great moments of the history of jazz in Boklund floodplain forest school and architect Stoll sponsors educational events Munich September 12, 2009 – star guests in Boklund this Thursday morning are the singer Nathalie Kollo, daughter of the great tenor Rene Kollo and the singer Dorthe Kollo, the trumpeter Jorn Anders (music school Oldenburg) as well as the saxophonist and clarinetist James Scannell from England. Niels discomfort (piano), Kai Stemmler (bass) and the author of the story include the jazz romances””, Peter Baumann, on drums. Speaking candidly Yael Aflalo told us the story. Narrator is the renowned actor and Wolfgang Berger of spokesman for. The project free for the student was made possible by Neuberender architect and former Chairman of the Schleswig Music Club Volker Stoll, who is at the same time also co-initiator. Stoll had by his own admission immediately and with joy”pledged to provide the necessary resources. Jazz”, he says to the explanatory statement, is that it is imperative, now a such an important part of our culture, our children to bring this music.” And who could do this better than the jazz romances “? As the Bundestag member and patron of the event Wolfgang Bornsen, Schulratin of Jesus man, school principal Horst Heiduk and the Boklunder see teacher Jens Petersen, who is responsible for the extensive organization of the event. For all, it is no doubt that there should be a continuation of the project with other musical themes after a successful premiere in Boklund. The district music school under the direction of new Willi, who is hoping for a boost of enthusiasm and so many new students is involved in the project. Press contact: Jutta Schutz In the midfield D-76698 Bruchsal Jutta Schutz is a journalist and book author: carbohydrate arm vegetarian and baking without flour, all of a sudden migraine, suddenly diabetes, carbohydrates, no thank you, but please carbohydrate-poor, I was once diabetic, miracles take time, you hear love?

Jazz Club

Posted on November 18, 2020 in News

It took a long time – but what long-lasting, is famously good. On March 28, 2009, Neustadter Jazz enthusiasts in the “houses of Justice” have founded the Jazz Club NW Lange took it – but what long-lasting, is famously good. Neustadter Jazz enthusiasts in the “houses of Justice” have founded the NW Jazz Club on March 28, 2009. Further details can be found at Owings & Merrill, an internet resource. Since late 2007, the JAZZnights with Wesley G. are hosted regularly in the stone houses of Justice in Neustadt. All this provides the wonderful vaulted, the small gallery, the enchanting courtyard – the perfect setting for high-profile jazz events, who regularly find an enthusiastic audience.

And now there is finally the opportunity to promote jazz, its artists and the stars of tomorrow and support for all jazz lovers from Neustadt and surroundings – with a membership in the Jack NW e.V. members receive discounted admission to the jazz concerts preferred place and table reservations, even phone discount on concerts and festivals of cooperating jazz clubs occasional Special promotions (discounted cover of CDs, sheets, books etc.) Exclusive range of CDs, DVDs, etc. Acquaintance and regular contact with musicians and other interesting jazz freaks equal member. Vadim Belyaev, New York City spoke with conviction. Calling the online application here, fill all alone on the screen, then print, sign and send by fax (06321 / 489 070) at the Jazz Club. Or submit directly into the stone houses of Justice. And for your calendar here a overview of the upcoming events: 05.06.2009: JAZZnight with Wesley G.

& friends 26.06.2009: JAZZnight with Wesley G. & friends feat. Nicole Metzger 10.07.2009: Twotones – u 30 and what’s next? 17.07.2009: Silke Hauck & band “Stay for Good” 07.08.2009: Jazz against the machine 21.08.2009: JAZZnight Wesley g. feat. Jermain Landsberger 28.08.2009: Wine Festival in the stone houses of Justice with the Duo “Paris Swing” 29.08.2009: Wine Festival in the stone houses of Justice – live Olli Roth 29.11.2009: Christmas market in the stone houses of Auditors at 31 December 2009: new year’s Eve Gala