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The Believer And The Wine

Posted on October 7, 2020 in News

The believer and the wine Lucas 7: 34 ' ' He came the Son of the man, eating and drinking, and you say: Here it is there a comilo and drinker of wine, friend of publicanos and pecadores' '. Wanted brothers Jesus he was called comilo and drunk wine for the fariseus and the doctors of the Law Jesus called they of boys who cry out ones for the others, the same fariseus called Joo Baptist demonic or endemoniado and Joo did not eat bread nor drank wine more Jesus in the sample that liked wine and of foods and data the parties with people of the high society more sera q the believers can drink wine and other drinks? Today we live a time that to take a goblet of wine or a cup of beer is sin says until the wine that Jesus drank was grape juice and it did not have Alcohol and with this in the suppers who was of wine and bread now they are of Juice of grape, sera that we are not wanting to santificar a Christ Saint and to justify its acts? It will be that it is not more easy than to forbid of what teaching? The believer to have limits to its acts? Until where we can forbid? What it is truth or prohibition without Biblical base, Pablo in teaches some thing to them on wine and other drinks let us see in 1 Timteo 3: 3 ' ' Not given to the wine, not espancador, not cobioso of vile greed, but moderate, not litigious, not miserly ' '. Here Pablo is speaking of a group specifies that they cannot be given to the wine and the scandals having to more have moral of not to be drinking of wine to the deacons in the versicle 1 Timteo 3: 8 Pablo says ' ' Of the same luck the deacons are honest, of language do not fold, not data the much wine, not cobiosos of vile greed ' '. . Other leaders such as cupboards offer similar insights.