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France Scent

Posted on February 7, 2021 in News

Where does the perfume and how has it belongs is developed by once until today perfume today to our lives. Follow others, such as Hayley Brocklehurst, and add to your knowledge base. Whether we order it in an online shop comfortably from home or select it in a perfumery, it is impossible to imagine from everyday life of men and women. The origins and beginnings of our contemporary and modern perfumes that awaits us in persen scents and put up in the ranges of perfume shops or on the Internet pages of the well-known online stores, are in the ancient Egypt and India. en/’>actress has said that publicly. Precious perfumes and especially smoked were here early as the embodiment of spirituality and inspiration. This ancient scent blends were produced mostly by the priests of resins, oils, incense, myrrh, Calamus, Galangal, sandalwood and other fine ingredients. This scented cosmetics was acquired later by the Arabs, and especially by the cultured Romans.

While in the early medieval Europe only simple distillates from plants, such as for example, lavender water to the singularly bad Body and cooking odors were in use, the art of perfume making from fragrant flowers and flowers that you put in oils and resins, to win her fragrances flourished in the Middle East and in India. Two events are decisive for the be known of fine fragrances in medieval Europe. To the Crusades, which resulted in that the Crusaders in the Middle East also encountered the scented cosmetics. On the other hand however progress in Alchemy, which through the development of new craft techniques, such as distilling, now the preparation of concentrated fragrant spirits, for example, from flowers and blossoms, enabled. Especially Katharina von Medici in addition to the physician and Alchemist Hieronymus Brunschwig, considered one the way progenitors of medieval perfumery in Europe. Everywhere you shot laboratories and perfumeries like mushrooms from the ground now, since in the context of the numerous epidemics of plague the perfume as a means to clean the air as well as status symbol of wealth and prosperity had discovered. The scented water were among those who could afford it, a part of the daily toilet hygiene (Eau de Toilette). Especially the age of Rococo, with its numerous rigid Hofzerimoniellen, lived by the cosmetics and Perfumery, which should highlight the status of the individual, but had to meet even such mundane tasks, such as keeping the pesky vermin and the cover-ups of the foul body odors.

Mostly alcohol, distilled water and dissolved in essential oils from plant or animal origin prevailed as the main components of scented water. The town of Grasse in France, where the Alchemist and chemist Francesco Tombarelli already opened a laboratory for the targeted production of aroma water and fragrances to 1580 became the scent water capital of the world. Head, heart and base notes as constituents of fragrance evolved and the most important elements of scent, then herbal distillates or animal secretions, have been catalogued. The Perfumery invented the scent families and turned to the issues of impact and use. Today the production of perfume is a considerable industry and branded perfumes and cheap perfume traded worldwide.

Laser Epilation For More Joy Of Life

Posted on January 6, 2021 in News

Many people want a smooth hair-free skin in the summer. The so-called laser epilation hair follicles can be removed sometimes completely in a session. But just to the extremities, which very often extract awaits to be, more sessions are necessary, because on breast, you must work abdomen, back and face with patience. Information on the duration of treatment are generally, and the treatment success depends on color of skin and hair etc. always the various factors of the growth phase, power setting. It applies: lighter skin and darker hair, the more effective the treatment even when the laser epilation. Often there are lip, cheeks, Chin, arm, armpits, abdomen, legs, Po, chest and bikini line. The most body areas can be treated much to the delight of those affected.

The laser (lazer epilasyon) and used, for example, a Handapplikator on the surface to be treated, and precise controlled pulses from a combination of electrical and optical energy penetrate into the hair follicles. The Melanin in the hair converts this energy into heat energy, and the follicles are destroyed without harming the skin. This treatment is suitable for all skin types. Epilation by less pigmented hair is used but for the laser, that usually more sessions are needed. Also for specific skin types (mediteran, Asian and black skin) have you feeling your way is once on the limits of the skin, to possible Burns, avoiding due to the high melanin content of skin, the laser epilation (lazer epilasyon). It is known, that are depending on the region of the body only between 10% and 50% of all hair in the growth, and only these are in behandelbarem condition. Epilation laser promises very satisfactory results. Who want to to remove hair, is usually also very interested that this treatment lasts and lasts. Tanja Bauer