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Alexander Nastasi

Posted on February 24, 2021 in News

It is possible that health status improves, however, this is not the guaranteed Kursziel.Gesundheit and well-being days in just 60 days using the law of attraction – free online course to the dream figure with the law of attraction – in only 60 to or taking off through the power of own thought. No diet, no starvation only chap Denken.Durch skilled dealing with modern ways of communication such as email, chat, forums and websites, it is possible that everyone, can read and write, and has an Internet-enabled computer, take part in the training.Julia and Alexander Nastasi now free pass on the knowledge of hundreds move online courses.In addition, the offer was which consists to live seminars in various cities since May 2008 and a monthly adds usable telephone conference.About seminar service Nastasi, online and offline marketing by Seminars and training courses focusing on the Rhein-Neckar-Kreis. Without hesitation bathroom cabinets explained all about the problem. Sister company of successful marketing Nastasi (, who successfully made a name since 2003 to Internet marketing and Web page creation and online portals. Imprint: Seminar service Nastasi holder Alexander Nastasi, forest road 25 / 1, 69207 sand Hausen, Tel: 06224 / 924255. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Vadim Wolfson, New York City.

American President

Posted on January 2, 2021 in News

Seen 2008 at the star, there you can already predict the large losses. Financial crisis late 2009 at 1a experts to provide their talents for assistance. Among them are trained and experienced psychics and fortune-teller, and media that can contact such as angels. Also the great astrologers offer help. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Home Depot. Some of them are offered in addition to the astrological even a psychotherapeutic counseling. Found faith healers in the bandwidth also, even that work with animals.

0900-access or “Click and Call” can be connect to the consultants. In addition to advice for every age, also has an online shop, with which also all can refresh their stock Esoterics and broaden their horizons. Financial crisis 2009-astrological observation saw one the stars 2008 contact, would you can already predict the large losses. So it still looks like it is not better. It could even to a premature change of Office of the get American President, Barack Obama. The aspects indicate an even worse collapse of American but also global finances. It should be even worse according to experts, as the great depression of 1929. The history was also in the stars.

The Planet Pluto in Sagittarius led to incorrect assessments and many debts. The current constellation in Scorpio demands justice and compensates for it. The constellations continues to show that there only was the beginning. The kick-off so to speak. In the year 2018, the same combination of planets will occur again, but then another aspect does, which makes the whole thing worse. Generally, the money of humanity is “less” in the coming years. So everyone should save where he can. Positive aspects are not first on the plan of the universe.

Tarot As A Personal Guide And Not A Dogma

Posted on April 21, 2020 in News

Tarot reader can act as a guide to finding solutions. Please bear in mind that Cartomancy, no matter whether with Tarot cards, Lenormand, Kipper – or Gypsy cards, should represent a signpost. There is no dogma and no predetermined “law”. At the moment of the advice, no matter whether telephone consultation or personal consultation, your current screen appears as a result of the current circumstances, visible it is, what’s next from our current perspective. Of course you don’t forget, that the world works dynamically.

Today I’m agile, vital and full of energy, the next day the inertia, tiredness and the mood comes me. What does this mean for a deck? On the day of the energy, the upcoming events look very close. After all, they move with 180 km/h on straight track. Thus, events that should occur according to map image in 5 weeks, will come much earlier from today’s perspective to bear. The same thing happens vice versa.

Can you be the next day, tired, motionless and slow, the cards, so the time will change. Drive no longer with 180 km/h, and no longer on straight track. Today you creep at 30 km/h on a winding track. Logically, that the upcoming event slides much further back. Thus, times are a very questionable factor in the Tarot. It’s up on its own dynamics, its own movement. It is therefore important, before you get the cards, being in a mood of relaxed, very “middle”. You should feel comfortable to say: I am. Only thus, temporally precise statements can be made. However, time is relative. It may be not important whether something in a week or in a month is done. It is essential, if it happens. There are variations in the accuracy of course. Many psychics see things by combining the cards very clearly. So accurate statements with descriptions, the environment and any person descriptions arise.