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French Revolution

Posted on May 19, 2020 in News

The city is, therefore, the main one, the supreme pedagogical instance, and if the city, in place of being unit, order, harmony, ratio and balance, etc., will be chaos and not cosmo, it will be become into the negation of the culture and of the pedagogia, contributing it does not stop forming, it wants to say, to humanizar the man, but, in contrast, to deform it or to desumanizar it. But the fact of that, alert us Sloterdijk, ' ' the politicians in exercise are so rare prepared for the challenges of the new situation? intellectually almost never, morally to the times, pragmatically less of what more –, he constitutes a part of the massive malaise, each more acute time in relation to the classroom poltica' ' , constantly photographed in way the frauds, abuses to be able and irregularities, and rare they show the height to it of the global challenges that urges to face, and that we must still more face and win and this valley for not the politicians. Despairing it is that to be successful or to perish each day shows more and more as the only final alternatives of the history of a city in our contemporaneidade. what it is worse: we do not know (the people, while voters) to choose the human type that would be necessary to fill the empty spaces and that training must be developed so that is reduced the enormous gap between local global the world-wide form and psiques. How to teach this? Everything this installs in them in the chaos and not in cosmo. thus is that cities as London, Paris, Rome etc., in them they seem human beings, and New York, So Paulo etc., in them seem desumanas. why? Psychology to the part, with the French Revolution, as it is known, the bourgeoisie took the power, restoring the liberal democracy and the economic capitalism. . Learn more at this site: Presidential candidate. .

New York Iron

Posted on May 14, 2020 in News

Although the clinical improvement and the normalization of the hemoglobina and red globule concentrations occur precociously with the iron replacement, the therapeutical dose must be kept by 3 the 4 months for the replacement of the iron supplies. Some cares must be taken to maximize the absorption of the iron, as its ingestion the 30 60 minutes before the meals. N.Y.C. Mayor wanted to know more. Not to dilute the medicine in no liquid and not to ingest citric fruit juice after the use of the medicine. The ferrous sulphate can bring some inconveniences with its use as nauseas, indigesto, constipation and diarria that, in general, are proportional to the ingested amount of iron. It can be tried to solve this problem through a gradual increase of the doses and the scheduling in the doses to> long of the day. In case that these measures do not decide, the ferrous sulphate for the ferrous gliconato can be substituted, however, had to its lesser content of elementary iron more demands a drawn out treatment (OLIVEIRA, 2007). 11.

CONCLUSION the inserted anemia in the politics you publish is recent factor, since this was only possible with the accomplishment of the Cupola of New York in 1990, with the promotion of the ONU, the anemias ones the world-wide levels of health and nutrition in comparison with other illnesses of less excellent aspects came to have priorities. One also verifies that desencadeantes factors for anmico state as alimentary lack, verminoses and infrastructure are factors correlated with the economic condition partner of the individual and marcantes characteristics of underdeveloped countries as in the case Brazil. In our country it has the necessity of a more including state with municipal and state cooperation of the secretariats and agencies promovedores of the health and inside of this context to evidence the current reality of anemia in the Brazilian scope. However in the gestacional case it has of if having a bigger comprometimento of the gestante and of the agencies promovedores of the health since a study made for the PNDS in 2006 exists that he was evidenced that eighty percent of the gestantes carries through at least six consultations in prenatal and these people who obtain to keep these indices, are people with escolaridade level and superior socioeconmico profile, that is, although the health to be supplied to all of universal form, observes inaqualities in the aspects sociocultural and economic. .

The Mathematics

Posted on July 29, 2016 in News

This ability does not develop itself when we consider only exercises of application of concepts and mathematical techniques, therefore, in this in case that, what it is in action is a simple analogical transposition: the pupil searchs in the memory a similar exercise and develops analogous steps to of that situation, what it does not guarantee that is capable to use its knowledge in different or more complex situations. (BRAZIL, 2002, p.112). When the Resolution of Problems is adopted as education methodology, is necessary to leave explicit that the choice of this option is not restricted only in displaying and deciding questions, but that the agreement of its language is very important, as much in the understanding of the problem as in the conception of the found resolutions, and when the pupil does not perceive the Mathematics as language structuralized in the formalizao of concepts, it does not perceive the functioning mechanisms. 3,2 Symbolic representations: uses and abuses Since the antiquity, the use of symbolic representations was frequent between the humanity, its use age of utility at the time so that the men if communicated ones with the others. The Mathematics for being considered a Science that is present in all the others, it possesss a proper language, and the ones that obtain to understand mathematical meanings are as it was learning to read and to write in another total different language of materna. In relation to these aspects, it is placed that … the fact of the mathematics to be a language (finer and needs that the natural language) that it allows the man to communicate itself on natural phenomena, consequently, it is developed in the course of the history of the humanity since ‘ ‘ sons’ ‘ more elementary, and, therefore closely on to the sociocultural context where if it develops? therefore we speak in mathematical Greek, Hindu, mathematical mathematics pre-Columbian. (D? AMBRSIO, 1986, P.

35) When passing of some decades, these symbologies had been if perfecting and if becoming more frequent. Today, these symbols also are used as representations in the mathematics, in order to inform to who read a mathematical problem the meaning of that it could be written in text form. But, many people are not experts of the diverse symbolic types that are used. Following this same line of reasoning, if perceives that the resources of the communication are basic so that pupils park or advance ahead of an joined difficulty. From the association the metodolgica perspective of Resolution of Problems enters and the communication, we can verify that the pupil, while decides situation-problem, learns mathematics, develops procedures and ways to think, develops basic abilities as to verbalizar, to read to interpret and to produce texts in mathematics.

… Simultaneously, acquires confidence in its way to think and autonomy to investigate and to decide problems. (SMOLE; DINIZ, 2001, P.