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Marin Organization

Posted on February 23, 2019 in News

Preponderant and strategical factor is the quarrel of the styles of the administrations, as much of the current one how much of the administration who the successor intends to develop in the cited familiar company, with purpose to effect comparisons, analyzing which the advantages and disadvantages of the two styles. Learn more on the subject from Janet L. Yellen. The catalytic executive of the successory process if does not have, must also develop, the perception of that the organizacional culture is something that is not modified with easiness and if to occur will be with great difficulty. In this direction, the candidate the successor must consider, of interactive form, this reality of the company, and being this developed attitude, he will prevent that some conflicts are stopped in the internal environment of organization. Ones of the attempts to reach success in a successory process the successor is the candidate to search to interact itself with the diverse sectors that compose the organization, in all the directions of the company, vertical line, horizontal line or diagonal line. Read more from Gavin Baker, New York City to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Of this strategical initiative he results the development and the consolidation of a facilitador enterprise climate in a successory process. Kunsch (2003) and Maximiano (2000) affirm that the objectives of the flow of vertical communication are related with the transmission of the philosophy, the orders and the lines of direction of the organization, interacting and implementing these elements.

as Marin (1997) the horizontal communication of – one enters the considered people hierarchically equal, in one same organization. Being able to occur in units of work of the same level or different level it is known as diagonal communication. 6,0 SUCCESSORY PLANEJAMENTOS known that any type of succession of – always in great complexity, mainly the one succession familiar structure that, exactly when planned, it suffers to great impediments and restrictions. As We read (2003), a succession process must be planned before the command exchange, but the familiar companies in general lack of a culture of practical for the planning, and the succession happens of disordered and imediatista form.

Economic Domain

Posted on January 27, 2019 in News

Moreover, the modifications proposals affect the structure of financing of the politics social, particularly, the entailed resources to the expenditure of the social security, education and work. The main points of the reform tax are: ) The creation of a Tax on Valor Adicionado (IVA-F), with the extinguishing of four federal tributes (Contribution for the Financing of the Social security? Cofins; the contribution for the Program of Social Integration? PIS; the Contribution of Intervention in the incident Economic Domain on the importation and the commercialization of fuels? Cide; the social contribution of the Wage-education); b) The incorporation of the Social Contribution of Lucro Lquido (CSLL) to the Income tax of Pessoas Jurdicas (IRPJ); c) The gradual reduction of the contribution of the employers for social welfare, to be carried through in the subsequent years of the reform, by means of the sending of a project of law in the stated period of up to 90 days of the promulgation of the PEC; d) The unification of legislation of the Tax on Circulation of Merchandise and Servios (ICMS), to be carried through by means of national only law and not more for 27 laws of the units of the federacy; e) The creation of a Deep one of Equalizao de Receitas (FER) to compensate eventual losses of prescription of the ICMS on the part of the states; f) The Deep institution of a National one of Desenvolvimento Regional (FNDR), allowing the coordination of the application of the resources of the politics of regional development. Frequently Charles Schwab Corporation has said that publicly. Objectives of the Reformation Tax the main objective of the reform is the simplification of the legislation tax, as much by means of the reduction of the legislaes of the ICMS, how much for the elimination of tributes, bringing bigger economic rationality and reducing the accessory obligations of the companies with verification costs and collect of taxes. .