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Posted on March 7, 2021 in News

Sileno said, drying the lips with the hand after the sip. diversion remembers drunk, hic, and of all the varieties. It must be a fascinating place? Dionsio said, that still was lying down in the lawn under of the shade of the tree and caught of the hands of Sileno the bottle and gave a good one golada. When we will go for there? Right now, yes you to want. Hic! it said fauno, and in the Olimpo mount Zeus it observed everything with insatisfao air.

Senator There Rocque. There we, hic, hic, these cursed soluos go that do not pass. It drinks more, to see if these soluos pass. Dionsio said, passing the bottle for Sileno that took a great sip dried to the bottle. When it starts to be really good, then it finishes. Sileno, attemped said to twist or to espremer the bottle to still see if skirt some thing of inside, later played the bottle in the soil, the burrico not skirt of its side. It is I give up does not have more exactly nothing, hic! It is good for giving up same, now gives its hand to me, so that raise it can me.

Dionsio said, extending the right arm for fauno, the helped one if it raises. Now we cannot lose more time, therefore now we are without what we drink. Cad my squito? Those faunos must be for prepared some prank there or are many drunks in this hour. it said Dionsio, trying to be balanced, but was sufficiently resistant to the alcohol, was not to toa that he was the god of the wine. The other faunos will not go with us? Sileno asked. They had left already make hours, and we will not have much time for we wait for those braggarts.