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Self-Assessment Mechanisms

Posted on January 21, 2021 in News

To promote self-assessment mechanisms, which enable the student to perform an introspection deep on their academic performance, so that his own inner voice mark the direction to follow, beyond all external addressing, that is valid, of course, and not discarded. * Encourage the need for seeking knowledge, exploring and experiencing, avoiding mechanical repetition and rote learning in child indigo (indigo child learns by the experimental method, and can test theories, seeing its practical implications, because the need explore – and hence experiment – constantly, to then draw their own conclusions independently, without having to receive a prefab conclusion)because it’s (capable by whether the same reasoning). * Constantly stimulate the student to be responsible and autonomous in their learning process, so that you know designing your own journey along it without cited impositions by the teacher * stimulate the Indigo children to develop solidarity activities outside the regular hours of the school day, so that it can deploy their sense of compassion and support to their peers. (Similarly see: Stanford University). In addition, 1 there are other no less important than those given guidelines previously reported:-an educational system: that offers small groups (sic), because child indigo, generally, are not comfortable working in large groups. -The indigo child requires an educational system: to respect its natural rhythm of learning (sic). This means that the education system should not imposed him to the Indigo child a learning pace that exceeds at your own pace natural and personal, but basically that must not pass is above the individual rhythms, but, on the contrary, accompany them. -Have in the schools of spaces of green areas to the extent possible (sic), as the Indigo child enjoys and loves contact with the elementals of nature, because they allow a deep spiritual connection. Lic.

Luis Alberto Russi Gerfo. Facebook: 1 Lic. Caanly Hernandez Galan: Basic recommendations for the education of new children, Foundation for children and youth of the new was (Material taken from Internet).