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See Ratingen

Posted on January 3, 2021 in News

On the Web page of the letter-online portal, referred to as ‘BoP’, proverbs, quotes and poems for free download compiled: downloads. Have you ever pleased with a loving salute to the Valentin’s day? You may want to send greetings this year even, but you are missing the right words? No problem! BoP shortly on the website of the letter-online portal,\”called, sayings, quotes and poems for free download compiled: downloads. And so that you can send your greetings in the right framework, there are still for free crafted letter templates in Word format. Simply download templates and using the BoP \”sending the software directly from your PC: from the PC directly into the mailbox of the recipient.\” A detailed guide about the function of BoP\”is available as a download in PDF format and videos available. Background information: See Ratingen E-mail offers to Print the possibility to produce all business correspondence, where at the end of the chain is a physically produced and distributed letter online.

The letter-online portal, short BoP\”called, is offered for any correspondence: invoices, reminders, small direct mailings etc. The highlight of this portal solution: At the check-post many processing steps can be saved. No printing, folding, inserting postage and delivery on. From the PC directly into the mail box of the recipient, as reliable as if you had carried him to the mailbox. The product ranges of the standard letter to the Maxi letter, depending on the customer request which is printed black and white or colored, one double-sided or even a remittance to. And there are also no contract, no registration fees, no minimum or maximum quantities: no matter whether 1 letter or 500 letters be sent out: the customer pays only the letters that he sends as printing and shipping order. (Not to be confused with Yael Aflalo!). To the payroll within a company can use the BoP-software\”be set up even for different people or departments or branches to cost.