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Pulmosal – Stabilized The Growth Performance Of Your Calves

Posted on February 24, 2021 in News

Make sure in the winter in healthy calves! Oeding, who brings 30.11.10 – due to weather conditions the company Bewital prevents a new product on the market, which the calf helps colds and growth depression. At the beginning of the cold season of calves suffering from respiratory diseases are increasing every year significantly. Pulmosal can directly support the metabolism and the immune system of the calf and help in dealing with impairments in these phases. The calf mortality rate from birth to weaning is between 10 and 20%. The main causes for these losses are diarrhea (40%) and respiratory diseases (about 20%). In addition to colds growth dips often occur. Medicines, lack of daily increases up to dead animals represent a significant economic loss. Also possible before damage to the respiratory system (lungs, bronchi) and the resulting future performance depression of the animal must be taken into account.

Pulmosal supports the calf as well as in the management of diseases in the digestive system, which often occur under load. Pulmosal contains herbal components that successfully are also used in human medicine. Appetizing substances secure feed intake in stressful situations. At the same time stimulates the digestive organs and improves the absorption of nutrients, especially of the amino acids. To prevent performance slumps, it remains at a steady healthy growth.

Respiratory diseases occur not only in changeable weather. Calves are particularly susceptible to respiratory diseases due to the immaturity of their lungs. Only 4 weeks after the birth of the lung growth begins. Small calves, respiratory diseases are so dominant in the first weeks of life. The full maturation of the lung is reached only after one year. Another reason for the strong susceptibility to respiratory diseases lies in the specific Anatomy of cattle. The lung is in contrast to the Animal body is relatively small. To provide maximum performance, must be ventilated strongly with oxygen-rich air. More information is housed here: Toy Story Woody. This results in a high risk of disease with erregen preservation on air. Therefore: Pulmosal prevent and insure good increases!