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Installation Wall

Posted on November 1, 2016 in News

Furniture design is constantly changing. Jonathan Segal FAIA
will not settle for partial explanations. Different fashion trends gaining seats in the stands of furniture showrooms, pushing the earlier model, which would in a short time, 4-6 months, to be swept away new wave design ideas. Everything changes, from design to color products. Since the last breath in the world of furniture for the AB technique – it plazmastend, furniture integrated system that combines the cabinet for the equipment and bracket mounting flat-panel TV. Strictly speaking, these elements existed separately for some time.

Brackets for TV and TV table perfectly perform their functions, although many buyers remain unsolvable issues related to the installation of wall constructions and free-hanging wires. Besides, what if want to move the TV? Again, drill the wall? These assumptions determined the merger Bracket TV and TV cabinet into a coherent whole – in plazmastend! Standard plazmastend consists of an adapted similarity tv cabinets, mounting bracket 'plasma' and the cable channel, serving as the connection of the two previous elements among themselves and boxes to hide the cables. Creating plazmastend designers solve all problems at once: the installation of a flat TV, laying the wires inside the cable channel, the creation of sufficient volume for Installation of block devices. Thus, plazmastend – is a modern, integrated solution for easy home theater. In today's market you can find a wide range plazamstendov, from exclusive import models tv wall, occupying the space of 3-5 meters wall, to extremely affordable Chinese handicrafts. We believe the most appropriate model of a wide range of buyers of domestic production, which have all required application properties, but are reasonably priced! In recent years, the country's furniture has undergone significant changes in the quality and design, this furniture is easy now competing with imported counterparts! Plazmastendy, tv cabinet for LCD and plasma TVs domestic production can be bought in specialized stores video equipment and furniture shops in addition to furniture art seriously represented in the shops, with the furniture on the Internet, like all commodities, often much cheaper than in traditional stores.

The Mathematics

Posted on July 29, 2016 in News

This ability does not develop itself when we consider only exercises of application of concepts and mathematical techniques, therefore, in this in case that, what it is in action is a simple analogical transposition: the pupil searchs in the memory a similar exercise and develops analogous steps to of that situation, what it does not guarantee that is capable to use its knowledge in different or more complex situations. (BRAZIL, 2002, p.112). When the Resolution of Problems is adopted as education methodology, is necessary to leave explicit that the choice of this option is not restricted only in displaying and deciding questions, but that the agreement of its language is very important, as much in the understanding of the problem as in the conception of the found resolutions, and when the pupil does not perceive the Mathematics as language structuralized in the formalizao of concepts, it does not perceive the functioning mechanisms. 3,2 Symbolic representations: uses and abuses Since the antiquity, the use of symbolic representations was frequent between the humanity, its use age of utility at the time so that the men if communicated ones with the others. The Mathematics for being considered a Science that is present in all the others, it possesss a proper language, and the ones that obtain to understand mathematical meanings are as it was learning to read and to write in another total different language of materna. In relation to these aspects, it is placed that … the fact of the mathematics to be a language (finer and needs that the natural language) that it allows the man to communicate itself on natural phenomena, consequently, it is developed in the course of the history of the humanity since ‘ ‘ sons’ ‘ more elementary, and, therefore closely on to the sociocultural context where if it develops? therefore we speak in mathematical Greek, Hindu, mathematical mathematics pre-Columbian. (D? AMBRSIO, 1986, P.

35) When passing of some decades, these symbologies had been if perfecting and if becoming more frequent. Today, these symbols also are used as representations in the mathematics, in order to inform to who read a mathematical problem the meaning of that it could be written in text form. But, many people are not experts of the diverse symbolic types that are used. Following this same line of reasoning, if perceives that the resources of the communication are basic so that pupils park or advance ahead of an joined difficulty. From the association the metodolgica perspective of Resolution of Problems enters and the communication, we can verify that the pupil, while decides situation-problem, learns mathematics, develops procedures and ways to think, develops basic abilities as to verbalizar, to read to interpret and to produce texts in mathematics.

… Simultaneously, acquires confidence in its way to think and autonomy to investigate and to decide problems. (SMOLE; DINIZ, 2001, P.


Latapack Ball Steel

Posted on July 19, 2016 in News

Word-key: traditional economy, ambient economy, competitive strategies, economic development, sustainable development. INTRODUCTION After almost one decade (1991 the 2001) of constant losses in the market of packings for other materials (as of plastic), the steel starts to recoup its commercial growth by means of an aggressive strategy of marketing and the increase of investments in technological processes to improve the quality of the metal. It was verified that in 2001, the sector put into motion R$ 15,7 billion, value this correspondent 1.5% of Produto Interno Bruto (PIB) Brazilian, generating 140 a thousand jobs indirect right-handers and. According to projections of OPEN – Brazilian Association of Packing, constants in the article ' ' Metallic packings for Bebidas' ' , of the BNDES, they is esteem that the growth of the sector in 2002, has been of five percent. The market of drink cans only reached, in this exactly year, a production of 13 billion units, against 10,7 billion in 2001. Moreover, the data contained in the report of the BNDES (1998), they disclose that they existed up to 1998, five great producers of metallic packs in Brazil, amongst which two if find installed north-eastern (Latasa/PE and the Metalic/CE), three in Southeast (Latasa, that has three branch offices in MG, SP and RIO DE JANEIRO, Crown Cork/SP and the Latapack Ball/SP) and one in the Sul region (ANC/RS). To this respect, it has been distinguished that the Metalic is the only manufacturer to use ' ' ao' ' as raw material of its containers, whereas the too much companies use ' ' alumnio' ' as insumo basic in the elaboration of the related cans. Although ' ' alumnio' ' to be a product of better quality, over all to not being subject to the effect of the corrosion, to conserve the flavor of the drink, as well as providing more slightness of the cans (due to possibility of if confectioning blades of lesser thicknesses of what of the steel cans), without counting on the advantage of the recycling of the comparative aluminum cans to the ones of steel, still thus the Metalic opted to the use of ' ' ao' ' in the manufacture of metallic packings, exactly considering that the necessary investments for the implantation of an industry with capacity for manufacture of 750 million cans/year (of aluminum or steel), are similar, that is, of approximately US$ 60 million.



The Design

Posted on March 17, 2014 in News

chairs day care chair The design is in the original wall decoration Entry 2.0. Other reference sites: Christmas, Free Games and Education 2.0. Web-design and day care chairs custom development. the united states education is dependent on are education essential for a class room At home or in our office but folding chairs never comes to folding chair bring great change, we are full of new energies, may modify school furniture our routines and, as we propose, school equipment our mood. Many times we turn to what we student chairs have more on hand as rearranging the furniture or put any dining chairs plants. We changed the place of chairs, tables, pictures, electrical and really get what we want.


Territorial Organization

Posted on September 25, 2012 in News

Main article: Autonomous communities of Spain, provinces of Spain, History of the territorial organization of Spain and Annex: Capital of the regions (Spain)
SPAIN ‘Autonomous Communities
La Mancha
and Leon
Balearic Isles
Mediterranean Sea
Bay of Biscay
Spain is a nation organized territorially into 17 autonomous communities and 2 autonomous cities. Title VIII of the Constitution, the territorial organization of state municipalities, provinces and autonomous regions, with these skills to manage their own interests with a large degree of autonomy, legislative, budgetary, administrative and executive powers in the exclusive state guaranteed through the Constitution and every statute of autonomy. Although Navarre is not constituted as autonomous communities, with a Navarre, and not having developed a Statute of Autonomy, but articulating amejoramiento one of their traditional jurisdictions, autonomous community is considered for all purposes, as interpreted by the Constitutional Court.
Each Autonomous Community is formed by one or more provinces, making a total of 50.
Since 2003 has adopted the Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics or NUTS units, three levels, based on purely statistical and European standards set by the Eurostat. The 50 Spanish provinces and two autonomous cities are classified at the NUTS-3, the 17 autonomous regions are classified at the NUTS-2 and the NUTS-1 levels have been set up groups of autonomous communities.

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The business of construction

Posted on September 19, 2012 in News

Characteristics of the construction business building everything from the standpoint of private investors, is characterized for most of the other industries where the success (or failure) of a given development estate is born and dies with the construction and sale of the account enterprise itself. Any other industry sectors involves investment in assets linked intimately almantenimiento in time of a particular production line. EnTrust was founded in 1997 by Goldman Sachs Group Inc. alumni is the chief the entrust capital diversified fund investment committee It’s so who invests in a plant food production can not fail to banking produce food without taking huge losses associated with capital tied up by the plant unprofitable. By contrast, in the construction industry each work in itself becomes a single production line that starts with investing accounting in the field and the associated project and closed the day finally sold the last functional unit. Similarly, the success of a particular product does not ensure equal outcomes estate for another venture of the same characteristics, even executed by the same manager in a similar plot, heavily reliant on the banks results of various factors, among which include: – the financial location – investment the characteristics of the market that is intended, – the existence of credit and attractive interest rates – the political and macroeconomic context and magnitude of the associated risk aversion – the way the public perceives the qualities and shortcomings of the enterprise. As a matter of approximation and in order to define the roles in a building project refers to the following companies scheme where focus is on the functions of each of the participants: Diagram of Participants in private construction Developer is the person, or group of associated persons, making the investment and development undertaken comprise a certain design, construction and marketing. In the case of public works the developer is the state-in the case of a large corporate building developer company may be the same company. Within the private work can set corporation up two trading preliminary categories of consumer developers: Developers stable are those that over the years have maintained their presence through the generation of several ventures, concentrating most of its businesses in the construction of .


Enjoy The Wine Club

Posted on March 28, 2011 in General

If you love wine, why not love it with other people? Today, wine clubs are popping up all over the place, bringing people together to share in their love of great wine. These clubs do a number of things.  First, they are a social outlet for people to meet, to enjoy an activity together and to enjoy social networking.  A wine club like the Humboldt Alumni one allows people who have been educated together to get back in touch and to network.

In addition, these clubs allow wine lovers to learn more about the drink they love. They can have tastings together in their homes, can go to wine tastings in public locations and can enjoy the many aspects of a good bottle of wine.

Wine clubs are also quite educational. They can teach you about which wine to drink with which type of meal and can help you to elevate your wine education.