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Posted on February 17, 2021 in News

It is important for the body to provide are better than three with all the necessary nutrients to stay permanently healthy and active five meals! Take a look on your plate: colorless “pabulum” in beige (pasta with cream sauce, for example) or colourful vegetables, salad, fish and rice. Healthy meals are colorful! Healthy meals are composed of vegetables, lean meat or fish, also vegetable proteins (tofu, legumes) should be there, and of course high quality (long-chain) carbohydrates. To be fed, are well catered for with everything the body needs and keep your insulin levels flat. This reduces cravings! Three balanced, colorful main meals and two low-calorie, protein-rich snacks are better than three huge, fat, and carbohydrate-heavy servings (such as fast food of the case). So, keep better in chute appetite and thus easier to control your weight, and to provide a healthy diet. Skipping meals is counterproductive.

The Metabolism slows down, it is unfocused and is no longer usable. At night everything in one is just about the way must then. Fatal! The body can no longer handle the excess energy and deposited in the fat Depot. Or even in the dangerous belly fat (called also visceral fat). This is also often raised in supposedly lean people and is blamed for many inflammatory processes in the body. “As published in focus-online now, health insurance takes the technician a completely different aspect to the topic good nutrition the magnifying glass:” researchers debunk the eating habits of the Germans (…)Meat, fast food and ready meals are on the menu. For many Germans, the food has become a SideShow.

Health insurance showed a study of the technician. Delicious and fast is often more important than healthy. Any third party takes his meals before TV, Internet or a Smartphone in hand that showed a study on the eating habits of people in Germany.