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Mark Medlock & Band On DREAMCATCHER TOUR 2008

Posted on December 17, 2020 in News

Catch me, if you can 2007 was Mark Medlocks year. After Germany had sought and found the superstar, also the music of the sympathetic-crazed underdogs immediately found its way to the top of the charts. Meanwhile several times with gold & Platinum excellent artists going now on 15 February in Berlin right with 2 nominations for the ECHO in the race. “Mark Medlock is in the categories of artist of the year” (national) and newcomer of the year “(national) set. This mark is not perfect, not a sterile product, rather he has fought through resistors, crashes and Hoffnungslosigkeiten, giving his lyrics truthfulness and authenticity. “From the elderly care nurse to the Hartz IV recipient for the superstar – what sounds like a modern fairy tale, sounds in marks words as professionally as human: I did it because I believe in myself and everyone can do it, if you do not bend you leave.” These will be things loose is what distinguishes mark.

The two artists, is unconditionally”at the same time their Love story by the press went: are Kate & Ben, meant the Mark Medlock as a special guest at the Dreamcatcher Tour 2008 will accompany. A look behind the Black Box testing platform in Berlin revealed actually hard work. There is also a good addition to tangling, set lists, and sound check and healthy catering important. Our artist buffets pay attention to a wide range of organic products”, says Oliver Theisesen by SELECT CATERING Baird n. We often ask what are the artists and the crew Apptitt. Fruit and minerals well and good but to a mousse au Chocolaute should not be missed”, adds mark with a wink.