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Kaizers Orchestra, The Ultimate Live Band, Make New Album On Tour Before

Posted on December 17, 2020 in News

They are considered one of the best live bands worldwide thk. One and a half years after their last tour of Germany Kaizers Orchestra with Maskineri return”, a new, by Mark Howard (Tom Waits, U2, r.e.m., Bob Dylan, Iggy Pop) produced Studio album on the local stage back. The visitors expected (“how impressively on the double DVD live at Vega” to see) a special shot. On the one hand an original energy organic sound, which is inspired in accordance with from Tom Waits blues, Eastern European Gypsy music, punk, pop melodies, marching sounds to rock AC/DC-style plus basically Norwegian texts”. On the other hand, the wild furious mix is presented in the context of a visually spectacular performance, with the six Scandinavians on timpani, Statoil oil drums or Hubcaps knocking, banging, and beat. The cards to their legendary applicable, ecstatic concerts cost between 23.– and 25.–(plus fees). They are available at the renowned sales outlets.

Reprint free of charge; Kaizers Orchestra “Maskineri” Tour 2008 31.3 Hanover, Capitol * 04.4. Frankfurt, Batschkapp (intake: 18, beginning: 19: 00) 05.4. Cologne, E-Werk * 07.4. Mannheim Alte Feuerwache (intake: 20, beginning: 21: 00) 09.4. Munchen, backstage work (intake: 19.30, beginning: 20.30) 14.4 Dresden, slaughterhouse * 15.4. Berlin, postal station * 16.4 Hamburg, bad & dangerous * * inlet: 19: 00, start: 20: 00 cards from 23.–up to 25.–euro (plus fees) on all tour operators outlets: KBK concert and artist agency GmbH, Tel. 089.41 10 94-0 Internet: (fan page), press relations: Tel. 0821.58 97 93 88