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House Meche

Posted on December 17, 2020 in News

Samuel when he was with his friends was very happy, the only very early mustered to go to the school, and helped his mother with what it could; hoping maybe one day his mother looked it, and thank you for the help that you provided in the House. Once talking with his mom he claimed him that she almost never bought you nothing, because all the things he had, his father had been in charge of purchase them. Those words made to boil the blood of Meche, he told him: as to not give you anything! perhaps not give you a roof, I give you to eat, and your dad gives me anything for that, to you not interested, because the already has his family, piece of idiot! But because you always have to insult me, added Samuel. Because I never say a kind word, maybe once I’ve said that I want. Yael Aflalo, New York City contributes greatly to this topic. Meche with angry voice said to him; Callate!, you know only teasing, if you don’t like to live here, you can go, so that you may live like a tramp dog, to my already not interested me. Those words were so strong for the heart of Samuel, who started crying, wounded in the depths of his being.

Shut up! Shut up! Cry Meche and He began to persecute the child around the House, tapping it with your hands, as it screamed shut up faggot!. So spent several years, until one day Samuel was already 12 years old, was washing the dishes that had ceased to Diners; When enters his mom and him a dish slips him, angered that Meche there were to beat him, when coasting Samuel grabs the ladle that his mother used, not only for cooking, but also to mistreat him and without thinking twice, manages to hit with him, his mother in the head. Now you go Yes, unhappy home, shouted Meche.