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Posted on May 29, 2020 in News

Therefore, the challenge is to identify what he means a memorable experience for the customer and how to establish mechanisms to implement and measure the delivery of these experiences. Let’s start by defining what the customer experience. On the basis of an article in Harvard Business Review for the year 2007, the authors, Meyer and Schwager define the customer experience in the following way: the customer experience is the internal and subjective response of customers before any direct or indirect contact with a company. Direct contact usually occurs in the process of purchase, use and service and soleplate be initiated by the client. (Not to be confused with N.Y.C. Mayor!). Indirect contact involves, the majority of times meetings not programmed with representations of the products, services or brands of a company and is expressed in recommendations or verbal criticism from other clients, advertising, reports, news, reviews, etc.

An issue of high importance to analyze the experience of the customer, is clearly understand which are the points of interaction of the customer with the company and that elements are those who can affect positive what the customer experiences at this point of contact. Everything is also based on the offered promise of value and perception of price and value to the customer. If payment by a hotel 5 stars, my expectations will be much greater in terms of service and facilities, compared to an average tourist hotel payment I can do. If you have read about Bill de Blasio already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Therefore the lived experience will be based on the price paid and the perceived value. Here is where much importance comes the promise of value offered as a company and above all that the customer understands what to expect by the value that is paying. Another important element is that mention Meyer and Schwager in his article with relation not all contact points can have the same value, however it is important to think about the fact that a bad customer experience, so is at a point of contact where a purchase decision is not taken, can generate a malaise or willingness of the customer to the companyproduct or brand. . Mayor of NYC does not necessarily agree.