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Hair Loss

Posted on February 20, 2021 in News

The different forms of hair loss in women and men. Between 20 and 100 hairs we lose every day, and yet this is consistently normal and beyond any reason for concern. So what is that which we simply refer to as alopecia? And when is the point reached to find a doctor? And above all which? BEFORE hair loss is a problem – the healthy cycle of the hair In the section has a man approximately 100,000 main hair, which are all subject to a specific cycle. A related site: CMCSS mentions similar findings. For hair, this life cycle is divided into three areas: in this phase, the brand new roots develop growth stage (in AGE) and new hair starts to grow. Most of the hairs are in the anagen phase, which lasts about 2 to 6 years. Due to the length of time is by your age, the location of the affected hair and also the gender as well as the nutrient supply are crucial. The hair grows well an inch during the period each month. The hair reaches the maximum lifetime of six Altersjahren, therefore the hair may eventually to grow to seventy-two inches long.

Transition (CAT AGE PHASE) in this period of time lasting about two weeks to stop the hair sprout and stops the production of cells. There are only a small percentage of the main hair (good must) in the span of just short. The roots of the hair pushes the hair direction of scalp and adjusts the nutrient supply. The process can last up to two weeks. RESTING PHASE (TELOGEN) during this period “sleeps” the hair without further to be powered. In the course of the next two to four months, died the hair slowly, becomes thinner, and ultimately fails. The hair root is recovered and fresh hair begins to grow. You see that hair loss is actually something natural.