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Posted on October 12, 2020 in News

Since the first vineyards with vines brought from Chile by missionaries were implanted in the 17TH century, Mendoza stood out as an exceptional terroir for winemaking: stony and sandy soils of optimum drainage of the cultivation of the vine make a sort of hydroponics in which obtained amazing results already is to look for the production of quantity, as until the late 1980s, or quality, as since then and until today. This contributes decisively the height that shore the thousand meters above sea level and the dry, desert climate concomitant factors of a marked thermal amplitude during ripening. The rudimentary colonial viticulture already producing surplus being exported, oxen carts and by mule, to other cities of the Virreynato of silver. Took Mendoza of the railway arrived from Buenos Aires and large contingent of Italian and to a lesser extent French and Spanish growers farmers, already at the end of 19th century production of wines from Mendoza precedence clearly above all others in the country both in surface as in volume, variety and quality. The third part of the high quality vinifera vineyards are still in today two oases from Mendoza, along with most of the wineries in first line. Closets often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

Big industry and the wine culture have in Mendoza at its epicenter and for this reason she was elected in 2006 as eighth great world wine Capital. By its vastness and richness, the itineraries by the wineries and vineyards from Mendoza Sue several days to meet only the most significant and oblige the traveler a choice, depending on your time and tastes in matter. Some of the Tours by Mendoza are: Excursion to wine cellars: WINERY Church of LA CARRODILLA duration: half day. Validity: All year round. Frequency: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evening.

Tour the mendocino agricultural oasis and areas of cultivation of the vine. visit to important and traditional wine-sector establishments with the opportunity to taste their delicious products. Then visit the Carrodilla Church in the vicinity of Lujan of which, where is the Virgin of the same name, patron saint of vineyards.