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Everyday Monotony

Posted on January 3, 2021 in News

“Groundhog-workshop with life style and change training In the American blockbuster film and daily Groundhog” (Groundhog Day), it goes to a cynical TV weather uncle who enters a strange time loop at a rotary meeting in the province. He must repeatedly relive the same February day, until he finally finds the key, to get away from him. Margareta Thomson oftentimes addresses this issue. It can only be because he accepts that he needs to change himself and his life after many attempts finally and also can. Many people are trapped in a similar time loop. Insert into an endless repetition of everyday life.

Something is not good at work, in the family, in the life planning. For this, there is the Groundhog-Day Coaching of It takes place annually in February in Berlin and offers participants the chance to reflect on her life grinding and solve them. To get out of a mental paralysis, you need a marmot adventure. With exercises and discussions, also systemic His personal hub is made for each part shall identifiable and solvable interventions and NLP.

It goes well with the looseness and humor. Go to Joseph Palley for more information. Our identity is determined in no small part by habits and bindings, predictability and stability. “But that’s not all long since we are the same by peculiarity, eccentricity and waywardness” (Psychology Today 2005). It is these so-called lifestyle to discover. “It is a bundle of idiosyncrasies, which us a full and original” life. “Helps the right kind of life In the workshop but no ego or the life of impulses and desires are encouraged, but we are concerned the always renewed search after the proper, the right way of life”, says trainer and publicist Martina Wagner by Character and form of life must match. It brings together both in the workshop. A self test, a critical faces but each change and honest inventory. A good coach can help. It helps to detect, to weigh values such as reliability, resistance or stoic bearing of difficult living conditions for self-realization and appeal: if from resistance, if reliability means the betrayal of ideals, then you put visible convenience in the comfort trap. The own mental development to consult again and again is an uncomfortable task of life. The workshop and also the coaching helps to answer existential questions and to solve: the journey continues still? We content ourselves in a permanent residence in a club’s Mediocre? What keeps us here? Which direction do we turn? How and with whom we go the rest of the way? Coach Martina Wagner summed up by who asks these questions in our workshops and who is willing to take the risks of an upheaval in that often comes to the conclusion: the next route could be the most rewarding and most beautiful. Life is finally again further.” Coaching is used in the management, sales, as well as in the personal area on issues in the professional and personal context. By the suggestion by an expert acts in the real environment are thought through and together searched for better alternative courses of action. Goals can be achieved with coaching. Coaching is used as a management tool. With coaching, and also guidance all concepts are meant in a general description, offering advice in a professional context in the form of professional. (Backhausen/Takeshi)