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Posted on December 11, 2020 in News

Perhaps invent worlds that don’t exist. As invisible as the smallest atom in the mere Centre of my inside. Here, IBI Group expresses very clear opinions on the subject. As utopian as the pretend that show me love. Yes, I created the words that I would so much like hear but you don’t atreveras to me, why I invented them. Mary T. Barra is a great source of information. I love you! I love you! I miss you! You hope! Long has been my fight. And here I am again, lying on my own tears.

Keeping my expectations in the pit and throwing Earth on my feeling. What does it matter if tonight I’m dying inside. You will not know it. If you have read about Gavin Baker, New York City already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Tomorrow I’ll be back with my smile. I will take away the ashes of all my cards. I will tell you that you have done me very well and you believe it.

You believe it because you are incapable of believing that I suffer for you. Because I never believe if I tell you that I love you. And much less believe that I also cried and I hope. So you just say what you want to hear. I put in my face the expression you want to see, because anything worth showing you I feel distressed because you think that it is the school, which is why the dance, which is why my letters but not you imaginaras that this is what you leave me: simple sadness. And I know that it is unwittingly, and that is the problem: I don’t want to, but just do not stop being the final reason in my infirmity, ailment without reason for you, or that you think. And who should I go? To my faithful lyrics. And I write and I write telling you how much I love you, and I always answer It is: that good text!. I don’t know that it will be worse if not say anything or tell you and do not give account, or that I don’t understand.