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Benefits Of Wine Red Also In White

Posted on August 9, 2013 in News

Many studies have reported to us on the properties of red wine and the great benefits they bring to our health, to our surprise, recent studies of the University of Connecticut mentioned that white wine has the same benefits as red wine. Researchers from the University of Connecticut found that the benefits offered red wine can be obtained with the white wine, because the properties that make the first healthy are also found in the second. It is said that red wine is beneficial for the heart, these studies tell us that white wine is used for the same purpose. What happens is that the beneficial for heart health properties found in grape Peel, regardless of how long this ferment, which is what gives the key to wine. Healthy husk of grapes is called revesterol. The revesterol not only helps the health of your heart, but also slows the aging process and fights cancer cells, ulzeras and Alzheimer’s disease. The white wine is very in demand thanks to It has no taste as strong as the red but is still delicious. And if you are trying to find the wine with greater benefits, researchers at the University of Connecticut have said that the best white wine is in the South of France.