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3,000 Euro For A Good Cause Wiesbaden

Posted on January 8, 2021 in News

A lease GmbH supports the integration of children with disabilities Wiesbaden, the September 2009. The A lease collected car at a raffle on the occasion of the 20th anniversary & plants live together Leasing GmbH, Wiesbaden, 3,000 euros for the Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft together learn e.V.” The initiative is committed, that disabled children together with non-handicapped are taught at mainstream schools. That is in principle possible, as Dr. Dorothea Friedrich, patron of the raffle, explained, in Hesse, Germany 20 years requires a considerable inertia by the concerned parents however. Also disabled children have a right to education, special schools can not always meet these demands,”commented Dr. Additional information at Vadim Wolfson, New York City supports this article. Ulrike Muller, Managing Director of the A lease GmbH, the commitment of the company. Currently only 15 percent of disabled children in school a rule, goal is to increase this rate to 80 per cent. The main obstacle was in the lack of teachers, because the affected classes in addition to a Special school teachers need.

“Special schools too many disabled children, because the classes are often too large, the hours shorter and the curriculum too lax”, explains Friedrich. However, Chancellor Merkel have recently signed a UN Convention that it facilitates the concerned parents to enforce their rights. The donation will needed to enhance parent counselling, additional integration helper to employ that promote and support the teaching or accompanying school trips, and to stimulate the public relations. For more information on the Internet at and.