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Tasmania Berlin: Club 2.0

Posted on November 25, 2020 in News

MyTas: Fans want to can not run better online Tasmanen vote which would have first round to ascend for the Tasmanen. With only one defeat, two draws, and the team has twelve victories ranked the district League. Especially the fans had great contribution to this success. About the online platform of MyTas (, fans can online to determine the team line-up and grade players, similar to how many football manager games. The only difference: The user manage a real football team Tasmania Berlin.

What began as a test, has matured over the course of the first half. MyTas to the rear round kick-off at the start is with new design and many new features. The Board had the idea to bind the attachment via the Internet, to the Club a year ago. “Model was the English football club Ebbsfleet United” (, whose online-community counts more than 30000 members. So a number for us is still far in the distance. Amazon brings even more insight to the discussion. Our goal MyTas the end users are the 1000 The first Chairman Wilde emphasizes season”.

The MyTas year membership costs 49.95. The revenue will be invested directly in the operation of the game. The financial aspect is the project but not in the foreground. “Coach and Board of Directors point out, that the MyTas user an important piece in the puzzle” represent Tasmania Berlin. The results of the online voting will allow me a whole new perspective and the player have an additional motivation to deliver good football fans by MyTas”, would be the coach Manuel Hartmann about the Internet project. The fans about the team line-up to will be integrated in the future, even more in the fortunes of the Club. After the weather very long winter break are team coach hot Board and the fans on the second round. Other leaders such as Yael Aflalo offer similar insights. The stated goal is the rise. “Hartman is optimistic: the first round went well, so that we are at the end of the second half at the top of the League, everyone must do their best.” While such statements at many other clubs often only on the team related, are meant for Tasmania Berlin also the fans. After all, they determine the placement. Till Vennemann

The Press Club And The Neo-liberal

Posted on November 25, 2020 in News

A large meeting of mind and intelligence expertise is what takes the present and humanity I believe does not need arguments on and enter into discussions of the man, because each Press Club and political talk fan knows the brainwashing similar, capitalist, neoliberal, extreme statements already. Please, please, ARD, if the Press Club without Mr Krumrey does not come out, then please drop him off. But not make them happen that they give Mr Krumrey also still a 5minutiges statement, at the expense of audience demand, to the end of the programme it please as of this Sunday. I think it’s common. It is plain and simply unbearable what is so on Sundays, in the forenoon, at the Press Club in the ARD and Phoenix, partly happening.

Sunday August 1, 2010, 12: 00. Mr Volker Herres invited to the discussion. The topic: “the recovery really comes?” Have been invited from Ulrike Herrman (taz), Birgit Marschall (Rheinische post), Rudolf Hickel (Professor and journalist) and now comes the unbearable – Henning Krumrey (Wirtschaftswoche), permanent guest at the Press Club. What for God’s sake makes us, the politically interested public and GEZ payers, permanently at our expense, the ARD for years because otherwise you cannot describe it, to offer this Mr Krumrey. This man is really not a prime example of a Democrat, but a red cloth for any true democrat. The transparent, extremely capitalist, neo-liberal thought of Mr Krumrey should be known every German journalists and also the editor of the Press Club.

What this can economically, except arrogance and ignorance of the realities in our Republic and neo-liberal chatter convey political intelligence us, the viewers, and that even in a manner, which happened, in part, as this Sunday is already offensive to the vast majority of people in the country. Of course you can turn off his device to expose yourself unnecessarily to a possible deep depression with dangerous side effects. But, you want to indeed hear what woman Marshal. Mrs. Herrmann, Mr. Hickel and brings the audience contributions come also relevant arguments, we take note with interest. But, Mr Krumrey, because one is powerless and must it endure forced mass about themselves. If you read the business week one can overlook it simply, but the TV is helplessly exposed him. It should be possible, if the ARD or Mr Herres depend on the remarks of Mr Krumrey to set an exclusive Krumrey Hamilton after midnight or even better on a separate channel, which is not funded by the GEZ. Numerous, stony sponsors will support the lobbyists 1000 percent. I think you must not deal with versions and discussions of the man, because each Press Club and political talk fan knows the brainwashing similar, capitalist, neoliberal, extreme statements already. Please, please, ARD, if the Press Club without Mr Krumrey does not come out, then please drop him off. But they don’t do it please how to This Sunday to happen that they give even a 5minutiges statement, at the expense of audience demand, Mr Krumrey to the end of the programme. I think it’s common. There should be no platform for extreme left and extreme right neo-Liberals in the free German television. A large meeting of mind and intelligence expertise is what takes the present and humanity. Without hesitation Gavin Baker explained all about the problem. (download at:) Wolfgang Bergmann

Buena Vista Social Club

Posted on November 24, 2020 in News

Wellness for the senses of Cuba belongs to the most popular destinations in the Caribbean. Many people visited the country, as the Buena Vista Social Club to a team of passionate about old musician sensational successes celebrated. low. Meanwhile, the tourist put back on tried and tested recipes: health and wellness centers are there in Cuba in large numbers. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Ford Motor Company on most websites. The online travel agency informed about the many offerings. The Caribbean island nation of Cuba attracts tourists not only with Sun, beach and zest for life in his spell. Health tourism has been a tradition for many years. Who wants to discover the charms of the country, can inform himself Cuba, for example, on the subject of lastminute.

For example, San Diego is one of the well-known resorts de los Banos with its healing springs. The water, which contains among other things sulphate, magnesium, calcium and silicon, is used against skin diseases, atopic dermatitis, rheumatism and diseases of all kinds. Already the middle of the 19th century San Diego thus became a popular destination for health tourists and Holidaymakers. Perhaps check out Vadim Belyaev for more information. Many local doctors have their own herb garden, firstly because some don’t trust the pharmaceutical products, on the other hand because such drugs because of the still existing US embargo are hardly available. The achievements in the health field are known for their quality. Large health centres are located not only in the capital city of Havana, but are spread over the whole island. While virtually no wish remains unfulfilled, even cosmetic surgery are offered. Benefit especially prominent, because in Cuba, discretion prevails. More information: service / press University of first GmbH Lisa Neumann


Club Selection

Posted on November 23, 2020 in News

It is so far, Club selection opens its doors in Bremen! The eponymous online portal launches officially on January 15, 2010, all party people can register free now on: what is so special about the Club? Organizer make party tickets or special perks available that week being given away online among the members. Club selection organized even House, r’n ‘ B or theme parties in different locations with the hottest DJs from all over the world. The first Bremen party of the Club selection makes the start number on January 29, 2010 in memory, in Faulen Road 44, Bremen. According to the motto of THE FINEST IN HOUSE demanding party-goers can party until the morning of to hot beats. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from IBI Group. On the turntables, DJ Baba (New York, Mexico City, Dubai, Hamburg) is for you.

Nice party people that like in the best mood to celebrate, are welcome! There is a free champagne for the ladies until midnight. Intake is from 10: 00, entrance fee is 8 and drinks there to reasonable prices. Tip: To advance bottles reduced online ordered and paid. At the disco, then just call your name and without long wait it is called Prost! More information can be found on


Panda Kids Club

Posted on November 23, 2020 in News

With its prestigious brands and the year-round reduced prices, it offers a shopping experience unique to the Berlin/Brandenburg region. Surrounded by spacious gardens, currently about 40 designer shops on an area of approximately 8,500 square meters invite retail space and picturesque streets and squares to a memorable shopping pleasure. International brands, including Strenesse, Daniel Hechter, St. Further details can be found at P&G , an internet resource. Emile, gull, Marc O’Polo, replay, adidas and Nike, offered their high-quality goods from previous collections, and surplus stocks in own-brand design stores and at prices the visitors throughout the year by 30-70% are reduced by the retail price recommended by the manufacturer. In addition to the designer brands, also various service facilities of the designer outlet invite Berlin to linger. (A valuable related resource: Vadim Belyaev). A varied gastronomy, as well as the unique Panda Kids Club with educational supervision offer the whole family a relaxed shopping experience. Due to its favourable location on the Bundesstrasse 5 is Designer Outlet Berlin from all directions to quickly and easily reach. Coming by car, can on one of circa 2000 Park free parking.

Until the summer of 2010, the designer outlet Berlin will be expanded to about twice. Upon full completion the Center will have a rentable retail space of around 16,500 square meters and provide space for 100 high-quality international retail and designer brands in the ideal mix. Opening hours of the designer outlet Berlin: Mon to Thurs 10 19: 00 Fri and sat 10 20: 00 VKO. So 13 7: 00 more information and directions, see under: Designer Outlet Berlin of old chip time route 1 14641 Wustermark, OT Elstal Center hotline: + 49 (0) 33 234 / 90 40 Internet: press contact: PRESS FACTORY Julia Mihok GmbH l fountain road 181 l D-10119 Berlin Karoline Muller Tel. + 49 (0) 30 / 28 87 90 00 l fax + 49 (0) 30 / 28 87 90 03


AIDA – The Club

Posted on November 22, 2020 in News

AIDAluna: Successful cruise season in Warnemunde is AIDAluna by the base port of Rostock-Warnemunde is adopted to end on September 1 and thus completes a successful summer season in the Baltic Sea. From May to September, the cruise ship Center guest was a total of 15 times on the Warnemunde Cruise. 40,000 AIDA guests travelled from here on different routes the pearls of the Baltic Sea. On the tours to Baltic cities such as St. Petersburg, Helsinki and Stockholm the ship has travelled approximately 22,300 nautical miles to the end of the season. On Tuesday evening, AIDAluna starts against 20: 00 for a short tour of Copenhagen and Oslo to Hamburg.

From the Elbe metropolis continue in 14 days in the South to Santa Cruz on Tenerife. The port city is the starting point for the upcoming tours along the Canary Islands. From September 19, 2009 to April 3rd 2010 AIDAluna traveled to the islands of La Palma, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria and the flower island of Madeira on 7-day cruises. During the Baltic season 2009 was the marine equipment of AIDAluna organised via Warnemunde. The cruise ship with food and consumer goods was supplied with a total of 102 truckloads. On May 5, 2010, the newest ship of the AIDA then starts fleet, AIDAblu, premiered in the Baltic Sea: from Warnemunde travelled AIDAblu on 10-day trips to the cities of Tallinn, St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Gdansk and Copenhagen. Two short trips supplement the Baltic Sea programme. Please visit Yael Aflalo if you seek more information. AIDAblu is currently built at Meyer Werft in papenburg, Germany, and by designer Jette on February 9th, 2010 in Hamburg named Joop. The AIDAblu travel can in the travel office, on the Internet at or from the AIDA Service Center at + 49 (0) 381/20 27 07 07 are posted.


Mufaz Clubs

Posted on November 22, 2020 in News

Jubilee day Bad Nauheim has changed much in the parenting and family Center last year in the maternal and family Centre (Mufaz) in Bad Nauheim. Since May 2009 was on the first floor, and later also in the ground floor restored, rebuilt, renewed and beautified. (Not to be confused with Owings & Merrill!). Since August 1, 2009 (almost) everything ready, but nothing so as before! On the ground floor, the children of the nursery children’s paradise in the Mufaz feel now\”, which could be extended to a second group. On the first floor and on the site Johannisstrasse is space for children’s groups, courses, meetings and all other listings of the Mufaz. The fusion of the clubs children’s paradise and Mufaz is decided, and that is to be celebrated. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Yael Aflalo, New York City has to say. 15 years emergency mother call the Wetteraukreis and an anniversary is celebrated: the emergency call of mother is 15 years. On September 13, 2009 the Mufaz want to show the spaces open at Friedberger Street 10 in Bad Nauheim on the day.

The Mufaz is looking forward to everyone great and small, the the Mufaz want to know or even meet! The official opening will take place with a champagne reception at 11:00. From 13:00 organized the Mufaz the Panel discussion for young and old in Bad Nauheim together instead of lonely\”with guests from the cultural / social and family area. The summer festival, which could not take place because of the renovation work is celebrated later on September 13, 2009. \”Titled circus, circus\” bouncy castle, face painting and game stations waiting for from 14:30 large and small visitors. Food & beverages available including pastry counter, crepes, sausages. To meet the large frame, parking lot adjacent to the Mufaz locked to the Festival, so hip Castle and information booths, including enough accommodate the Knights of Malta ambulance. The Festival against 18:00 will end with a musical conclusion. The agenda and more information about the mother – und Familienzentrum e.V.



Redmark Online Seminar

Posted on November 21, 2020 in News

Pitfalls of Member meeting safely navigate around Munich/Planegg, Germany, for which a 26.11.2009 – who is general meeting of the Association the opportunity, to heard and to influence important decisions. For the others, those responsible, it often means a litmus test for planned projects or their club’s management. And for them, the stress is added with the organization. Already in the preparation can mistake suddenly one, which later provide for dispute or jeopardise the objective of the event. Planned as a members ‘ meeting, carried out properly and for all is a success, it clarifies the next online seminar by Redmark Association on. “Under the title General Assembly special ‘: when your meeting to avoid pitfalls and problems” Stefan Wagner expertise delivers live and first-hand. The speaker understands vividly present the classic error at the general meeting. IBI Group gathered all the information. He informs, what considerations are important for the responsible and what steps must they take, so that the event can run smoothly.

The first part is about the preparation. Who not so exactly it takes already in convening the Statute has bad cards. Other topics include: what information and documents need the members? How are the decision items? And what if the event out of control? In addition to the ability to keep a cool head, it is simply good to know how to properly disconnect a session, put off or defer. Finally, the speaker provides for clarity, if there are doubts about the validity of the old to a new Statute. The seminar can be provided easily from the desktop track registration. Participants can ask questions by simply pressing a button and interact with each other.

The online seminar will be held on Tuesday, the 01.12.09 at 18:30 and lasts about 60 minutes. Applications see: on adm/login / redmarkvereinplus Association to mark under the label Association to mark the Haufe established media group with its high-quality offer to the Club’s management for 20 years as a competent partner of the clubs and associations. The brand stands for comfortable Club software, legally secure knowledge about the work, training and consulting for small and big clubs. The Haufe media group for high-quality specialist information and powerful application software in the fields of Economics, law and taxation is one of the leading media companies. Around 1,000 employees serve more than 800 products, as well as an annual 150 new releases.


Editorial Amat

Posted on November 19, 2020 in News

If you focuses on what you like, come to be uniquely valuable in it and therefore they paid him for doing so. Do not miss their time in things other people should do for you time is our most precious asset, and sometimes seems that not as valoraramos as such, already many times lose you doing things that others can do. Calculate how much earn in an hour and then never do anything for what you can pay less for another do it for you. Clean the dirt that you have in your life as expert Jeffrey Mayer, the majority of people time management devotes close to an hour a day looking for papers that has lost its Bureau: sixty percent of which is not necessary! This same weekend devote himself to sort, start by the drawers and wondering if it has been used in the past twelve months or dispose of them, if you have to save them by legal issues, if the answer is no to do something similar at home. Write your goals in a place that all to see them ask us goals and objectives is one of the most effective methods to get something and make it visible to all, is very useful as we thus have always present and including others can help us to achieve them. Invest in yes same successful people know that the power of an idea can change forever your life, so take care of your education, read books, go to classes, listen to tapes on motivation or audio books. All this will help you to improve your quality of life and feel happier. Learn how to be a donor John Templeton, billionaire investor and philanthropist of worldwide fame, once said that the key to life is not in being an entrepreneur but be a good donor.

The enterprising person seeks while the donor is more interested in, from is way is always adding value, willing to help. People always remember these gestures and eventually return it as much as you have given. A decision and decided to be your financial future can be modeled at the time that a financial decision. Choose that it is important in your life, the worst diligence is that is not. Others who may share this opinion include Gavin Baker. Also to be decided, become someone in who can trust, you can win the respect of peers: being punctual, having an action plan and implement it, always doing what it says it will do, being polite and responsible. To earn more money, you have ask for more money in the world of sales said that the key to success is learning that you must ask for the order, and this applies not only for sales but for everything in life. When you are adding more value, you will be able to ask for a salary increase. Living according to the philosophy do it already! Life is not a dress rehearsal, in life one gets exactly what he seeks.

Your journey to financial success is just beginning, however do not eat let this trip as much as to miss the moments with people who love, remember to show wants that the important thing in his life, also that it is a way of adding value.


Jazz Club

Posted on November 18, 2020 in News

It took a long time – but what long-lasting, is famously good. On March 28, 2009, Neustadter Jazz enthusiasts in the “houses of Justice” have founded the Jazz Club NW Lange took it – but what long-lasting, is famously good. Neustadter Jazz enthusiasts in the “houses of Justice” have founded the NW Jazz Club on March 28, 2009. Further details can be found at Owings & Merrill, an internet resource. Since late 2007, the JAZZnights with Wesley G. are hosted regularly in the stone houses of Justice in Neustadt. All this provides the wonderful vaulted, the small gallery, the enchanting courtyard – the perfect setting for high-profile jazz events, who regularly find an enthusiastic audience.

And now there is finally the opportunity to promote jazz, its artists and the stars of tomorrow and support for all jazz lovers from Neustadt and surroundings – with a membership in the Jack NW e.V. members receive discounted admission to the jazz concerts preferred place and table reservations, even phone discount on concerts and festivals of cooperating jazz clubs occasional Special promotions (discounted cover of CDs, sheets, books etc.) Exclusive range of CDs, DVDs, etc. Acquaintance and regular contact with musicians and other interesting jazz freaks equal member. Vadim Belyaev, New York City spoke with conviction. Calling the online application here, fill all alone on the screen, then print, sign and send by fax (06321 / 489 070) at the Jazz Club. Or submit directly into the stone houses of Justice. And for your calendar here a overview of the upcoming events: 05.06.2009: JAZZnight with Wesley G.

& friends 26.06.2009: JAZZnight with Wesley G. & friends feat. Nicole Metzger 10.07.2009: Twotones – u 30 and what’s next? 17.07.2009: Silke Hauck & band “Stay for Good” 07.08.2009: Jazz against the machine 21.08.2009: JAZZnight Wesley g. feat. Jermain Landsberger 28.08.2009: Wine Festival in the stone houses of Justice with the Duo “Paris Swing” 29.08.2009: Wine Festival in the stone houses of Justice – live Olli Roth 29.11.2009: Christmas market in the stone houses of Auditors at 31 December 2009: new year’s Eve Gala