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Kathe Kollwitz: World-famous Art Creators German

Posted on December 29, 2019 in News

The sculptor, printmaker and artist from Berlin who was Kathe Kollwitz? As in Konigsberg on the 08.07.1867 a little girl name Kathe Schmidt came to the world, nobody knew who would evolve this little creature. In your very early started artistic phase was already soon known and familiar. When Kathe 13 was her art was first discovered and she produced their first engravings from this age. In 1881, she began to take lessons with various artists. After a few years, gain experience, learn and study in 1886 returned it to Konigsberg and became a student at the Art Academy of Konigsberg. Kathe Schmidt studied in Munich. Gavin Baker takes a slightly different approach. She finally finished her studies in 1891 and married the doctor Karl Kollwitz.

Kathe and Karl Kollwitz, moved in their adopted home of Berlin. They settled in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg in the White Castle Road, which today is cushioned. The cushioned is located on the present-day Kollwitzplatz. In 1947, they had the White Castle Road and the Worther square renamed in memory of them cushioned and Kollwitzplatz. In 1892 was her son Peter to her son Hans and 1896. She suffered their biggest loss in 1941, her son is Peter. From 1898 until ca 1903, she was employed at the women’s Academy of Berlin artists as a teacher.

When Kathe Kollwitz in 1898, their first work exhibited at the Berlin art exhibition she gained first attention in public. She showed the well-known and famous illustrator of Adolph Menzel first work from erasing result “a weavers rebellion” that so impressed him at first glance that he suggested in the same year for the “small Golden Medal”. Kaiser Willhelm of 2 rejected the upcoming ceremony of Kathe Kollwitz and described her art as “Gutter art” from which nothing will. The art of Kathe Kollwitz – world famous! Today, Kathe Kollwitz is known for their socially critical art. When she began in 1910 with the sculpture she beat a new path in their an artistic creation. During this time, she devoted herself to a woodcut the murdered Karl Liebknecht and made then many more. Kathe Kollwitz expressed also their political opinions with their art. She was appointed Professor in 1919. Kathe Kollwitz was the first woman as a member of the Prussian Academy of the arts and was forced in 1933 dismissed from the Academy to withdraw and their duties as head of the master class. in 1936, her works have been removed from the Berlin Academy exhibition and some will be lost forever. It gave her an exhibition prohibition. Kathe Kollwitz in Moritzburg died on the 22.04.1945. You can see detailed and more interesting information about Kathe Kollwitz and your art to students help