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Economic Domain

Posted on January 27, 2019 in News

Moreover, the modifications proposals affect the structure of financing of the politics social, particularly, the entailed resources to the expenditure of the social security, education and work. The main points of the reform tax are: ) The creation of a Tax on Valor Adicionado (IVA-F), with the extinguishing of four federal tributes (Contribution for the Financing of the Social security? Cofins; the contribution for the Program of Social Integration? PIS; the Contribution of Intervention in the incident Economic Domain on the importation and the commercialization of fuels? Cide; the social contribution of the Wage-education); b) The incorporation of the Social Contribution of Lucro Lquido (CSLL) to the Income tax of Pessoas Jurdicas (IRPJ); c) The gradual reduction of the contribution of the employers for social welfare, to be carried through in the subsequent years of the reform, by means of the sending of a project of law in the stated period of up to 90 days of the promulgation of the PEC; d) The unification of legislation of the Tax on Circulation of Merchandise and Servios (ICMS), to be carried through by means of national only law and not more for 27 laws of the units of the federacy; e) The creation of a Deep one of Equalizao de Receitas (FER) to compensate eventual losses of prescription of the ICMS on the part of the states; f) The Deep institution of a National one of Desenvolvimento Regional (FNDR), allowing the coordination of the application of the resources of the politics of regional development. Frequently Charles Schwab Corporation has said that publicly. Objectives of the Reformation Tax the main objective of the reform is the simplification of the legislation tax, as much by means of the reduction of the legislaes of the ICMS, how much for the elimination of tributes, bringing bigger economic rationality and reducing the accessory obligations of the companies with verification costs and collect of taxes. .

Janis Joplin

Posted on January 25, 2019 in News

Also step for these things of psychoanalysis and psychiatry. When this happens, start ' levar' the people who already do not contribute of form ' sensata' with me and Dionsio. With the Nero leader (37-68) she was thus. It was well. Until he ordered to set on fire Rome.

I really liked this citizen. However, he lost badness and intelligence, control for low of the land. Compadre Dionsio is who knows to live. In one of these tricks of good taste where it has everything that not ' presta' , it was, with six pretty women! The wine rolled untied in the escultural body of those loafers boazinhas Everything on behalf of the limitless pleasure. I laugh, I laugh Dionsio goes! It makes the life to be valid to the penalty! Suddenly I had plus one of these crises in mine psique. It was as soon as I decided to give one is enough in Jimi Hendrix. The face was in one not to drink more, not to smoke, not ' to smell ' I ordered it of this for the hell. What a man who does not make nothing of this goes to make here in the Land? I dressed a coat in half it early.

It is the life! But until today I and compadre hear musics of it in these parties where he is everybody bare one and making orgias. Dionsio if esbalda! With Hendrix, I entered in ' phase of 27' , that is, the clothes of the death also fell well for Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin and later, Kurt Cobain. God found that he was more than in the hour. Today, this staff ' toca' in the sky in the hell, as much makes. Good place is Brazil. There, nor of me that necessary people. The prevarication, the ignorance and the lack of intellectual culture reign untied.


World Milan Furniture Fair

Posted on January 23, 2019 in News

REDUCTION BRIGHTNESS IMPRESSIONS seems already in 2008 during the World Milan Furniture Fair, dedicated in the year it was the kitchen when no one, perhaps only except uzkoposvyaschennyh, thought and wondered about the impending economic earthquake, kitchen arrived in the capital of the world of fashion in Milan calm, restrained, of course, in the color on, and clothes. Among the minimalist kitchens predominant white kitchens classical removed cosmetics made of natural dyes instead of which have kitchens with color images of natural, but the gaunt tree. Specialists were wondering: what caused such a unanimous parade pale dresses? Then, when all of this did not come, When started talking, almost esoteric abilities of the kitchen, which can, like some animals sense the vibrations of the earth's crust, in a figurative sense, of course. There were also comments regarding save color as the characteristic feature of the then understanding of minimalism. Mary Barra can aid you in your search for knowledge. But, as shown by subsequent historical experience of cuisines, all of these findings related to the decrease in brightness of the external impressions, have rather significant effect and showed more of the mood of the speaker than about the actual state of affairs. Please note that no one ever did not watch and did not record in scientific journals periodic brightness of the kitchen, as was observed for spots on the sun or the flight of Halley's Comet. And yet such a periodicity exists. It would be unreasonable simply and easily communicate directly with these periods of solar magnetic storms, Have on earth serious economic consequences.


Yale College Reksheme

Posted on January 21, 2019 in News

Yale College in Reksheme offers your child a unique opportunity to use summer vacation interesting and useful. The child will not only get an opportunity to improve their English language skills, but also to learn British way of life, to visit new and interesting places in England and Wales, and, of course, making new friends. High quality education and recreation for children in conjunction with a low price compared with the summer schools Central England – an unquestionable advantage of Yale College Reksheme. Yale College in Reksheme, like all the summer schools in the UK, provides children intensive English language courses, nutrition, interesting vacation, sightseeing tours and sports activities. Studying at the Summer School in the UK children communicate almost exclusively in English, quickly learn new words and expressions, and even begin to think English. Summer Schools in the UK make summer vacation interesting and useful. Summer School in the UK – Yale College in Reksheme – a chance to learn the English language, using every minute of your stay in Wales Surrounded by children from all over the world and visiting new and interesting places in the magical North Wales.

The main features of the Summer School at Yale College students Reksheme Age: 14 years and older. Team Leaders: 1 free place for every 20 full paying participants. Course Dates: June 24 – 19 August 2008 (when the duration of 8 weeks). The number of students per class: 15-20. Teaching hours per week: 20 hours.

Guided tours: a weekly excursion during the day and 1 excursion for half a day. Social / cultural program: a weekly day event and 3-5 evening activities. Sports program: weekly 2 events in the afternoon and 2 evening events. Objectives summer school program Motivation interest in learning English among young people. Improving English proficiency. Enhance understanding of Europe and the UK among young foreigners. Promotion British education. In addition, Yale College has its own student educational travel agency and uses it to develop professional skills. Opportunity to study British culture and Lifestyle foreign youth. Raising competitiveness: in addition to English lessons, various events and tours in Wales, the program will allow students to gain professional skills in the studio recording and television. Travel during summer school. We have a professional coach, and travel. Introduction to Television – creating a TV program: working in teams, students will prepare, record and present a short program in a television studio. Students will write short scripts and present them before the camera, they will control the cameras, image and sound, to act as an assistant director and producer. In addition to 8-week summer school program at Yale College, the proposed reduction of 2, 3, 4 and 6-week programs. More familiar with the plan of a two-week program and fully read the article could be on site of the Center City & Guilds.