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Grass On The Lawn

Posted on April 27, 2018 in News

The grass is part of the so-called weeds, which is in constant struggle with the lawn absorbing her nutrients and leaving to go gradually without life to that space that I get out of nothing, that’s why the grass on the lawn with so much difficulty and great care is a factor of great concern for the home garden, because as I was mentioned before the grass on the lawn begin to absorb water and other mineral nutrients you need the grass to grow and keep in good condition, in addition to the grass on the lawn snatches these elements also absorbs light and reached a point where as the grass has taken harder than lawnalso steal space from this, in such form be noticed more than the same lawn grass, which provide an image sad our garden, since that it is immediately projects the image that the garden has been neglected, that is why before you see the grass in the lawn is better to take preventive measures to ensure that no is this little pleasant time. A measure of prevention that is It can take into account from the same planting of grass, is to account for plates or sod are less prone to the presence of grass that the gardens-based plantation with seed, as entering more maintenance same lawn to prevent the presence of grass in it, ideal is not mow very short and neither perform already mowing when the grass see very high, because long periods between mowing and mowing greatly favor the growth of grass, it is worth keep in mind that times such as the summer that there is a greater growth of vegetation, is better to perform the activity of mowing every week; as it is known the grama grass adapts more easily to any terrain and performs a greater absorption of nutrients, therefore must be a constant watering and feeding to prevent weakening of lawn and grass take more force. Already where the presence of the grass on the lawn, is evident but little is still the presence of the grass, the Elimination of this can be done manually booting it with your hand, trying to not to get traces of this, because if left can return to grow, so the best thing is to try to boot from the deepest grass on the lawn, but should be moderate in terms of the area where the grass is, the idea is starting the largest amount of grass and lesser amount of grassAlthough it is almost impossible not to boot or a piece of this, but can be already when removed completely with a constant process the grass on the lawn, planted new grass in those areas that have been bald. When the advance of the grass on the lawn is largely playing resorting to herbicides such as glyphosate, which means after the Elimination of the grass on the lawn, having to again perform the entire process of planting a new lawn. Original author and source of the article


Posted on April 20, 2018 in News

Laura said that you were badly! How it is felt? – I am better. I have a good nurse! Aldo aimed that lean face, beard for making, the callous hands of salient veins, inns on sheets. Walter aged. – I am of vacation and if you not to import itself, intend to be one days in the farm. – He is clearly that I do not import myself! This house also is its! It is good for having vocs two here.

Laura decided to live in the farm to take care of of me. It goes to be married Carlitos remembers it? – Clearly! – Vocs was not given very well. They lived fighting! – Things of adolescents. – I wait that now they have more judgment Walter had a cough access. He breathed deep, cleaning the mouth with a handkerchief.

– I find better not to talk very. I go to leave to rest it. I go to unload my luggage. My room is empty? – Yes. Laura is in the other. It is the will. Aldo came back to go down. In the room, Laura talked with a man who if found of foot next to the door with a hat of cattle tender in the hand. Aldo recognized that squared face, wide forehead, hair sand color. It dressed pants, jacket jeans, and boots. It had that one exactly to look at insolente, that forced and sarcastic laugh. Carlitos was come close extending the hand to compliment it. – Then, the Aldo appeared! How are you? – All good. you? – Better it could not be. What it has made? It did not appear more! – Work and more work. Now I am of vacation and I go to pass one days with Walter. Carlitos shook the head. Laura observed the two. Wise person who always would have a barrier of intolerncia between Carlitos and Aldo.