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Month: July 2017

Basic Education

Posted on July 18, 2017 in News

The proposal to argue thematic ' ' tica' ' as pertaining to school content it was very convenient and it despertou in me a great interest, mainly for the envolvement who I have with the subject, decurrent of the context in which I am inserted. To ahead debate a so important subject of a new reality in the pertaining to school environment: the indiscipline of the pupils and the increase of the violence between different educative agents e, at the same time, to be part of all this situation as teacher of the initial series of basic education will give the chance to reflect on my proper practical educative and if necessary one, to modify it, transforming these reflections into action in the classroom next to the students. However, before treating the pedagogical questions and the occult resume that this quarrel involves, valley to detach that, in the current days very it has if spoken on human democracy, rights, multiculturalismo, valuation of the diverse cultures, however, is possible to perceive that the interpersonal relations are each time more violent, the lack of respect, the individualism and the exacerbado consumerism, many times influenced by the media, are other aspects that grow quickly and they are not other people’s to the school. Moreover, the pertaining to school organization still suffers to an impasse in the relation between the educative members and the family as for the responsibility from the education of the children, in way that one pushes for the other the guilt on the most diverse events. The parents accuse the educators not to impose the authority, on the other hand, the professors make responsible the parents for not establishing limits to the educandos. However, we know that the two institutions have great importance in this question. It is impossible to think that the family is the only institution capable to educate the new generations morally and, equally we know that the pertaining to school environment is a privileged and rich place so that these values are apprehended and applied, a time that to if working the quality of the social conviviality between the different people, dialogue relations and solidarity pass to be valued. .


Dishwasher Furniture

Posted on July 18, 2017 in News

When you purchase an update for the kitchen, often has to do not only arrangement of kitchen furniture, but at the same time repairing the kitchen. Kitchen furniture is mainly made to order. Modern kitchen appliances more often there are built-in furniture. In this regard, there is a problem of electricity supply to kitchen appliances. Kitchen appliances can consume a total of 7 to 15 kW of electricity and to connect household appliances in the kitchen requires about 10 electrical outlets to be placed according to the scheme required the location of electrical outlets, you can get the manufacturer of your furniture. Electric points of modern cuisine: Rosette (at 25-32 amps!), Electric stove and oven – 150mm above floor level. Socket (at 16-25 amperes) of the European standard for the electric oven for exhaust outlet at a height of 2150mm outlet connecting household appliances at a height of 1050mm Light Switch kitchen furniture outlet for a refrigerator (250-300mm) socket for the dishwasher (250-300mm) socket for the TV + antenna socket for a microwave cable lines that go straight to the board: Stove and oven – – need a separate line! Cable cross-section 4-6mm2, automatic on board at 32-40a Sockets – 2,5 mm2, automatic 25a Dishwasher – required a separate line! – 2,5 mm2, the machine 25a, UST

Chair Management

Posted on July 14, 2017 in News

The development and growth of the communities, today requires not only the Government activity but also a greater involvement of citizens and social groups, among these, the companies. The world presents major changes and to consider social, economic and political trends, it seems clear that all those involved in social and productive systems must be aware that there is a need to do something for others. It could be that fashion is doing something for the community, given that it is believed that it gives a good image to the company and, therefore, brings benefits; However, the social actions go far beyond a simple marketing requirement or good business strategy. They have to do with the survival and well-being of social systems in which there are enterprises and, therefore, with the continuity of these. It is clear that the companies are becoming aware of what you should do and what they lack is perhaps greater guidance and promotion of the advantages of doing good to the community as well as the disadvantages of not doing so; and the promotion of new laws that concrete actions are carried out.

It is important to consider that the Mexican economy is sustained by small and medium businesses and need of them actions that give a social response. In particular, what are the weaknesses that face SMEs in their environmental management?: lack of qualified personnel to carry out an environmental management. Not have considered in their budget environmental management many consider him a little necessary and very high cost. They have no polluting toxic and other waste treatment plants. Dealing only with ensuring its stability and livelihoods in the market since the social responsibility passes to the background.

Findings one of the most effective solutions to alleviate the problem of environmental responsibility and environmental management is the certification of standards ISO, these certificates granted by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) constitute a means to carry out such initiatives. ISO certifies the competence of international auditing firms, which in turn supervise the quality of the processes of manufacture according to the ISO guidelines. Possessed of an ISO certified company, one that aspires to achieve a rapid growth in the international market, especially enjoys a competitive advantage, because you can make your potential customers that respects the high quality standards. The most important firms of the market prefer subcontractors that comply with ISO standards. * Teacher of modern managerial topics Chair graduate of management of quality and productivity * annotations of the Virtual Classroom Chair. Original author and source of the article.


Sink Zone

Posted on July 5, 2017 in News

Technically the decision will be narrow and tall shelves on the opposite wall. 2. Kitchen in two lines – a simple and compact. The kitchen and the rational distribution – and the plate sink on one side, fridge and cupboards on the other. The optimal distance between the opposing lines of not less than 1,2 m, otherwise you may encounter with the cabinet. This plan also assumes that the mobile tables. 3. L – layout is exceptional in terms of creating a convenient work triangle, furniture and equipment in this case are arranged along two adjacent walls.

This option is suitable for almost all areas except, perhaps, the narrow. Dining table easily accommodated without detriment to the zone of passage. Do not forget about all kinds of movable shelves. A revolving corner cabinet so convenient, cost-effective in terms of the costs of efforts to dostavanie of a subject that you do not stop to wonder how this is possible – to do without them? In the unoccupied zone of the working wall is easy to build a rack-type bar, with a flip, just in case, the surface of the dining room (or limited open-air lobby). 4. U – planning – best of all – is convenient and security-pane: furniture and appliances are installed along three walls, no through traffic.

If at such a planning zone of passage is a little less than half the working zone, it allows you to use the kitchen as the dining room is as follows: the angular working area plus a continuation of a line perpendicular to the raised Serving a dining table. In the kitchen-dining room is short perpendicular line divides the working table and dining areas, and for properly chosen length of the table match the harmony of the work area and dining room with seating pass is not violated. You can use the U-layout and small kitchen (5-8 sq. m), then the distance between the ends must be at least 1,5-2 m 5,6. 'Peninsula' and 'island' suitable only for large kitchen (16 square meters. M). Optimum size for the island – 1200×1200 mm, minimum – 600h900 mm. Kitchen-island includes a corner or U-shaped model with an extra working surface in the middle. In the center plate may be, stand for breakfast and a sink. 'Island' looks extremely elegant, maintains an atmosphere of common space of the kitchen, but it requires very carefully thought-out plan to avoid unnecessary walking. 'Island' can be not only a square shape, but curved. Typical cuisine of some 'blochnikov' abundant small, incongruous extended kitchenettes. Can advise the owners of these architectural creations do the interior in light tones, which will increase the amount of space. Necessary diversity in the interior of 'kitchen-scraps' simply small kitchen, can be achieved using a compact multi-function machines. Get rid of the doors in the kitchen or make it retracts. For zoning can be applied to ceilings, archways, speakers design of the column. Should be used in two different zones of different floor coverings: a combination of ceramic tiles in the kitchen and hardwood floor or linoleum in the dining room. Choose individual color composition for each zone. Individually for each functional space decorate the window. Very interesting solution – set on the boundary of the different bands bar. It will not only become a central element of the premises, but will cover the sink, stove, household cupboards. From the dining room will be high (bars) stools, and from the kitchen into it you can put a refrigerator, boxes of wine, if desired, the rack can mount the sink and stove.