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Obustroystaivaem Bathroom: Plumbing

Posted on September 8, 2015 in News

Modern furniture is sometimes beyond the ordinary, designers are experimenting and creating new exclusive model. Creativity is not sitting still. Furnished with the apartment in the most fashionable trends, do not forget where it all should begin. In a good home should be a good plumber. Let's say you pick up plumbing for the bathroom. Washbasin, bathtub, shower cabin – all this must be qualitative. In addition, the plumbing may be exclusive. Exclusive modern plumbing of molding marble will bring your bathroom a special atmosphere of luxury and chic.

Plumbing injection of different marble first quality: it strong, highly insulated, resistant to abrasion. In addition, the surface of a plumbing neutral to chemical compounds, there are no micropores, it is very convenient for handling and cleaning, while not losing Since its color. Molded marble made of marble chips or quartz filler. Plumbing injection of marble covered with special decorative protective coating (gelcoat), making it will last much longer. Molded marble – an environmentally friendly material to produce a wide range of sanitary ware of all shapes and many colors. In this case, is especially popular simulate natural stone. If you want to equip a bathroom at a decent level, then the use of sanitary injection of marble – one of the most suitable options. Freedom of choice of shapes and colors will transform the bathroom the way you want, and high quality guarantees that only positive emotions.